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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

RF23 - It Was A Slow Sports Weekend..

RF23 – It Was a Slow Sports Weekend..

This Sports Report is brought to you by “Karo” Syrup, because when you want thick, heavy and slow syrup, Karo is for you.   And Karo was this past sports weekend, yeah it was a slooooow sports weekend, baseball is in full swing, heading to the all star break, the Heat polished off the Thunder in five games and I’m tired of talking about Lebron and myopic Laker fans, who are hatin’, strongly hatin’ on the Heat for winning their second championship. And, I simply refuse to talk about the WNBA!  So what’s to talk about?  Let me muster up something for my adoring reading public.

“He’s Creepy and Nahsty, It’s Jerry San duh sky..”   On Friday, twelve smart, moral jurors, based on the evidence presented to them found child molester convict, jerry sandusky guilty of 45 counts of child molestation.  The only break was that he was found not guilty of all 48 counts, but what the hell, life is life and hopefully convict Sandusky lives to be a rightful age of 99 or 100 and oh! The State of  Pennsylvania better not protect this animal!  put his nahsty azz in general population with the real criminals.   Let me ask you all this, where was the outrage and demonstration for Penn State University?  We got more angry demonstrators for Michael Vick for some damn dogs than Sandusky got for molesting over 10 children!   Is this what we’ve come down to? Protecting animals before children, at least a dog can bite to protect itself, what can a child do against a grown man?!!  I hope everyday of Sandusky’s stay on the tax payer dime is spent with him being taught how to shower...

“It Won’t Be Closure..But It Should Be A Start.”    What start?  Penn State University should just pony up and pay the victims.   The only closure received on Friday night was the public’s, not the victims, they have to live with what happened to them and although they weren’t convicted, they were sentenced to a lifetime of horror and mis-trust of people.  

 “Sandusky May Have Committed The Crime..But Penn State is liable..”  Twelve jurors may have convicted Sandusky, but Penn State is liable for their alleged cover-up.  The late Joe Paterno, didn’t commit any crimes, but he simply did not do enough to protect helpless children.   The school president, who knew and understood the implication is liable and possibly criminally negligent for his lack of actions.   There was a huge fumble in the Penn State administration and everyone tried to protect the end zone, instead of the children.  It’s a shame, because Penn State is a great education institution. 

“NCAA Should Punish Penn State Severely”  This is a no brainer, the NCAA should punish Penn State severely for its lack of institutional control.  You have an assistant head coach, who was the named successor to Joe Paterno, molesting children, you have administrators simply turning the page of his crimes and a legendary head coach, who simply just said, oh by the way, you might want to check into Jerry, I heard he did something in the showers with some kid...(That’s not an actual quote from Paterno).   I’m not expecting the SMU death penalty, but I’m expecting to not hear Nittany Lion sports for a good four or five seasons.

NBA:  This week is our second annual camping trip and almost assuredly someone is going to bring up last week’s Heat win and oh, the Lakers.  And I know for sure, that some myopic laker fan is going to moan about the lakers not getting Chris Paul and how the referees cheated for the Heat.  Question is, do I let them get away with their weak, untrue takes or do I swat them like mosquitos?  As sure as the next day is on calendar ,whatever it is, someone is going to bring up the aforementioned and be so serious about it that the conversation is going to be like this:

Myopic:  Man, the refs gave the heat that series, so Lebron could get his championship and the league bleeped!! the lakers over by not getting Chris Paul, man, ain’t that bleeeeeped up?!

And that’s my dilemma, do I take a successful General Custer  (Note, it ain’t my fault you fell asleep in history class, I’m not your encyclopedia, look it up!) stand and fend off the untruths, it’s already bad enough I gotta hear the same or more folks complain that obama hasn’t’ gotten a fair chance to make up for all the 43 presidents before him and clean up their mess..Here is the opening to that conversation:

Myopic obama supporter:  Man, these white folks ain’t going let that n-word-ga do his thing, he picked up all this mess from bush’ azz..

Although partially true, we know it’s not fully true, but hey what do you do? 

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