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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fanz23 - Race Card Played on "Chopping Block"

Last night on NBC's new reality television show called the "Chopping Block" the lowest but most powerful card was dealt from the bottom of the deck by one of it's contestants after all arguments were dealt with.

On the show, a black contestant with her husband who should have been eliminated last week, was eliminated this week but not before she reached at the bottom of the deck and pulled the lowest card of all time out of the deck.

The race card.

After she could not give a credible argument as to why she and her husband should stay on their team and get closer to owning their own restaurant, she played the race card and accused her white team mates of racism.

It didn't work and they were eliminated.

Let me tell you why they were really eliminated. Last week her husband was head chef, he failed miserably and was the reason why their team lost, mix in the fact that the wife was real weak in the front, along with the other team members. She was a strong personality and rubbed folks the wrong way. So they should have been eliminated, but not for a weaker team who quit.

I don't think race had anything to do with the black contestants being booted off, but attitude and not willing to work with her teammates had something to do with it..

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