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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fanz23 - Rihanna sending the message of "So What" to young ladies

I was recently talking to my 19 year old daughter and she informed that she had a boyfriend that she is really diggin'. She told me he's attending school and he spends time in his doh joe teaching young kids karate.

Did I mention she really digs this young man. So obviously I have to spend a few hunnys and meet this young man.

But she mentioned something that one, made me proud of her, she said she was diggin this young man so much that she had to take a break from him cause he was messing with her studies.

Not too many young ladies, let alone young men would take that step.

But that's her, the recent physical attack on pop singer Rihanna by pop singer Chris Brown and their subsequent reconciliation should have folks saying what the fluck?

This boy beat this beautiful young lady like she was a dude and ran like a run away slave. The story hit the main stream media, was talked about on talk and music radio and on blogs.

And what does she do? she says "so what," and goes back with this boy and according to reports are going to hit us with a duet like Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston did.

Iknow Rihanna is young, but she is sending a wrong message to young ladies who are in relationships that may one day may turn violent and she could have told Chris Brown to go to hell, this ain't happening. Instead she chose to say "so what" and continue the future terror of violence that may face her.

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