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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Fanz23 - Media happy T.O. Gone

I have never seen so many media member celebrate that recently released Terrell Owens has been let go and on the street. It's like watching "The wizarrd of oz" and T.O. got water dumped on him.

Well he did, the Cowboys and their management decided to back up the media, Jason Garrett, Witten and pooh nanny star struck Romo and got rid of T.O. And once again the demise of the Cowboys last season was not T.O.'s fault, it was on Garrett and Phillips by putting out old azz Brad Johnson on the field. It's inept defense that was exposed by the Giants by not wanting to tackle and the scoreboard against Philly didn't lie.

Yet, T.O. is shown the door.

My wish for six, especially with the upcoming schedule, doesn't look so good and god help the cowboys if he signs once again in the NFC East

This is some bullshhhh

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