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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fanz23 - What's The Excuse Now?

On Friday, I posted on "facebook" an op/ed by Earl Ofari Hutchinson in regard to the fatal shootings in Oakland last week. Hutchinson basically equated the criminal to being a victim of circumstance because of his prior convictions and not being able to find employment.


Who's fault is it that this man was a criminal?


Hell no..

What about him? It's society's fault that this man didn't know right from wrong regardless of the reasons of why he committed crimes. Let me be Frank, I don't think it's fair to continue punishing an ex inmate after he or she has served their time by denying them employment. But right or wrong, it's part of our world and yet not every former inmate goes on a crime spree and kills four officers.

Which brings me to this. The above linked story is about a man who killed two of his sisters. It makes me wonder, if Hutchinson is going to do an op/ed excusing this criminal for being disturbed and also a former inmate.

Oh by the way, did I mention both men were black. You see we wouldn't be reading op/eds if the men were white from Hutchinson and Hutchinson would definitely not be giving us excuses that the white men were former inmates and couldn't find jobs.

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