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Friday, September 21, 2007

Fanz23 Commentary: Respond? React to What?

I, like a few other opinion givers, have been asked to give my opinion about the March on Jena, LA, yesterday. Well, my opinion is still the same and I still have unanswered questions about the incidents which ultimately led to the arrest and conviction of one of the boys involved in the heinous beating of a white student. Now as of this writing, Mychal Bell, one of the six boys had been charged, along with the other five with attempted second degree murder. Since then, the DA has reduced his original charge to aggravated assault and wanted to try them as adults. Most recently, a judge overturned the conviction of Bell, saying that Bell was a minor at the time of his arrest and he should not have been tried as an adult. With me? good...hang in there.

Now with the above story, more things have happened. For instance, this type of event that involves white folk doing something that is perceived racists to black folk, make good news and put race hustlers like Sharpton and Jackson back in business. Sometimes I wonder if those two just sit back in their posh houses, sitting in the "Al - Room" or "Jesse Cave" waiting for someone to shine the "Race Hustle" light, like Batman is summoned. I guess the light has the word "racist" in it with a compass pointing the direction of the perceived act. I dunno, I hate to make light of this situation, where the possibility of someone is actually being discriminated against. You know like those three Duke Lacrosse players. Their story had the perfect mix in it too, and like the Jena, LA case someone shined the "Race" Hustlelateers light for Al and Jesse. In this case you had a black college student/stripper claim she was raped by three white boys and all hell broke loose. Now what made this story interesting is that the DA pressed this case and tried to get a fraudulent conviction. And we all know how this ended. Charges dropped, DA fired, civil suits to follow and the "race" hustlelateers moved on to fight the stupid, idiotic words of rambling old man named Imus. Of course after their wake of destruction, three young men were put through hell and labeled rapists and since the victim was black...racists. As of this writing..No apology or offer to pay for these young mens college expenses.

But back to Jena, LA, I didn't wear black yesterday, I wore blue. I need to have the truth and not just half truths or just go with the flow. I guess there is some unwritten rule that all black folk have to stick together, whether or not we're right or wrong. Problem with that is noone says shit, when we're wrong.

Don't get me wrong, I believe in justice and if born years earlier than I was, I know for a fact, I would have marched for my civil rights, sat down in "sit in's" for common decency. Instead, my generation and my kids generation are tasked for carrying out the dream. Are we at the mountain top?, depends who you ask....but all I know is we've been knocked down a few times.....

by ourselves.

Article from: Jason Whitlock

Jason Whitlock: Lessons From Jena, LA.

Now we love Mychal Bell, the star of the 2006 Jena (La.) High School football team, the teenage boy who has sat in jail since December for his role in a six-on-one beatdown of a fellow student.
Thursday, thousands of us, proud African-Americans, expressed our devotion to and desire to see justice for the "Jena Six," the half-dozen black students who knocked unconscious, kicked and stomped a white classmate.

Jesse Jackson compared Thursday’s rallies in Jena to the protests and marches that used to take place in cities like Selma, Ala., in the 1960s. Al Sharpton claimed Thursday’s peaceful demonstrations were to highlight racial inequities in the criminal justice system.
Jesse and Al, as they’re prone to do, served a kernel of truth stacked on a mountain of lies.

To Read More:

UPDATE: Bail Denied to Mychal Bell; He's going back to jail...

JENA, Louisiana (CNN) -- Mychal Bell, the sole defendant who remains behind bars from the group of teens known as the "Jena 6," will not be released Friday, a court decided.
Bell, 17, has been in jail since his arrest more than nine months ago.
It was not immediately clear what happened in court Friday, where Bell's attorneys had planned to push for his release.

"It is our understanding that the judge refused to give bond or bail to Mychal Bell today," the Rev. Al Sharpton, a civil rights activist who traveled to Jena for Thursday's rally, said in a written statement.

A source inside the court said the issue of bond was not discussed at the hearing. Attorneys did not immediately comment. The proceedings, involving a juvenile, are not open to media.
Bell's mother left the courthouse in tears.

Article Quote: "He [Bell] has been in prison since his arrest. The judge has refused to lower his $90,000 bail, citing the teen's record, which includes four juvenile offenses -- two simple battery charges among them.

To Read More:

Response: Mother left the court in tears. Why? what's she crying for? Isn't she the reason or part of the reason of why this young man is going to spend some of his life in jail. I mean, damn this isn't his first walk in the park, in regards to the law. This is his fifth offense! third having to do with putting his hands on someone. And, and! lets get this question out!! out of those three assaults..Was it three azz whoopin's for white boys or was it two azz whoopins for blacks. Which means that he's part of the problem Jesse and Al only speak about, when no one is asking for the "Race" Hustlelateer light to be put on!

And this is for folks who think the gov't should be involved in our lives or dependent on the gov't..You see what happens when the gov't takes over the child discipline and child rearing...

Hey Mike! ass to wall, man, ass to wall!!

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