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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Dog Fighting, Barbaric! Woman held hostage for a week?

Talk Radio Host Larry Elder brought up an interesting point in regard to the case of a black woman being held hostage for a week and the reaction to Senator and KKK member Robert Byrd to now suspended Atlanta Falcon QB Michael Vick's conviction for dog fighting.

The Grand Kleagle said this:
"Hundreds of thousands ? if not millions ? of dollars are often at stake in the breeding, the training and the selling of fighting dogs. How inhuman, how dastardly!" "The training of these poor creatures to turn themselves into fighting machines is simply barbaric." (x4)

Now it's no secret that the Kleagle is a dog lover, but Elder brought up an interesting point. When it comes to dogs, Byrd said the word barbaric four times and each time the word was mentioned it got more forceful. Now the case of the West Virginia woman, in Byrd's home-state. Byrd had the following comments....

(Now if you read the above and saying, hey there are no comments...well you just figured out, his comments).

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