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Thursday, September 06, 2007



"If Michael Vick never returns to the NFL, he needs to rent himself out to TV and radio talk-show hosts as a prop

The latest person to cash in on Vick's misfortune is Whoopi Goldberg, the newest member of "The View." Whoopi played the "cultural-upbringing card" when trying to explain (not excuse) Vick's involvement in dogfighting.

Here's my problem with the "cultural-upbringing card" as it relates to Vick and dogfighting. It used to be part of Southern culture to hang black men from trees because there was a rumor that we may have made eye contact with a white woman. It used to be part of Southern culture to burn crosses, torch churches and kill black people because black people wanted to vote, sit in the front of the bus, take a sip of water and a shot at a decent education.

No one I knew was all that interested in understanding that part of Southern culture. We just wanted it to change. Vick's culture needs to change. I'm not comparing dogfighting to the mistreatment and abuse of human beings. There's no comparison. I'm saying you don't need to understand someone's culture to recognize and reject cruel/criminal behavior."

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