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Monday, August 13, 2007

Whitlock: Aaron Wise to Remain Silent

Kansas City Star: Hank Aaron Was Wise to Remain Silent
Jason Whitlock

The worst thing about Barry Bonds’ historic run at Hank Aaron’s home-run record was listening to members of the mainstream media try to interpret Aaron’s feelings.

It was embarrassing. Bonds’ mostly hypocritical detractors desperately cast Aaron’s silence, indifference and refusal to participate as a sign that Aaron was disgusted by Bonds.

No one seemed to consider the real possibility that Aaron was and is disgusted by everything that revolves around the record, especially simple-minded, inconsistent, biased media members who wanted to use Aaron as a tool to make another man’s life miserable.
I can’t in any way speak for Hank Aaron. I’ve met him once — at the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum — but I don’t know him at all. His actions over the past year, including his decision to record a taped, congratulatory message for Bonds to commemorate 756, don’t strike me as odd or confusing at all.

Aaron’s behavior reveals an intelligence, maturity and sophistication that we should all aspire. He set the standard for how we all should have handled Bonds’ pursuit. "Restrained and respectful" is how I would describe Aaron’s comportment.

In my opinion, Aaron recognized early on that the American media had absolutely zero interest in hearing his real, complex opinions on Bonds, the home-run record and Babe Ruth. We can’t handle the truth. Not the whole truth. We want bits and pieces to twist. Or we ignore, dismiss and ridicule the truths that don’t fit our agenda.

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