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Friday, August 10, 2007

What Civil Rights?

Momma white. Daddy African Black. Born outside of the United States in 1961. Raised by American White grandparents in rural America. So exactly what civil rights movement did Barack Obama involve himself in? If you answer, well, he represented people in discrimination claims. Well, for about two years so did I. And never in those two years, did I compare the plight of my American-Black relatives and other blacks who were denied their basic civil rights because of racism and legal discrimination in some Southern states to homosexuality. Hell the jury is still out if this type lifestyle is a choice and not as some would like to believe born with. The one thing it can't be is the same plight as blacks in the civil rights movement. It just can't be and I refuse and will debate anyone straight or gay to the bone on this. Last checked, no gay person has been denied the right to vote, no gay person or persons have been segregated against. I have not in 2007 or years leading to, seen any signs that said "straight only" and "gays." No gay person has been told to sit in back of the bus or told to give their seat up to a straight person, cause the bus is crowded. So exactly where is this plight Obama was talking about in Los Angeles last night. And lets get this straight, Republicans aren't against gays, they are against or don't support gay marriage and you don't have to be a conservative to have those views. That doesn't make them prejudice. A large percentage of blacks agree that marriage should be for a man and a woman. Does that make them prejudice..No, but blacks are god-fearing folk and believe in the word.

But back to Obama, I can't talk about his life's experience, and he may have been called the n-word from some kids. Hell, who hasn't, I lived in the white part of Milwaukee, had white friends my age, and was called a nigger, and after whooping their ass, we went to being friends again. Somehow this experience didn't stunt my growth and it obviousely didn't stunt Obama's.

Obama should run his race, as to his identity. He should'nt try to be something that he's not.

Black American, with Black American plight.

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