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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

When Keeping It Real....Gets Jail....

RF23 Commentary: When Keeping It Real...Get Jail

You know we all laughed at the skits performed by Dave Chappelle and we all have our favorite ones. One skit for instance is called, "When Keeping It Real...Goes Wrong." It's about a person who starts off real cool, got it together and looks pretty, well..sane. Until one thing sets them off and they revert to whats called keeping it real. The end result is disasterous and the person ends up messed up for their actions or in jail. Well soon to be NFL quarterback, Michael Vick is about to find out what happens when keeping it real....goes wrong, and in jail.

Yesterday Vick agreed to plead guilty to charges of illegal dog fighting and cruelty to animals resulting in the gruesome deaths of these animals. Vick will also stare down the possibility of being banned from the NFL for gambling charges.

How does this happen? You have a young man, with great talent, great ability to put asses in seats and eyes on the television to see this 4.2; 40 yard dash time, left handed quarterback run circles around linebackers and out-run cornerbacks and safeties by a huge margin. I'm talking 5 to 6 yards ahead! and still in stride! Vick's exploits on the football are stuff that made grown men, stand up and yell out a big ooooweeee!!! and say did you see that?! We all have our favorite Vick moment. Theres one, when the Falcons were playing the Vikings and the Vikes 'D' got a good rush from it's d-line and forced Vick out of the pocket to scramble. Vick obliged and took off running, two Viking defensive players had great angles to stop Vick and probably punish him for the run. They attempt to tackle at the same time, with Vick in between them, theres a collision, an oooo and awe and eventually a roar from the crowd. The Viking defensive players look up and see Vick heading toward the sideline, giving high fives. They look at the huge video monitor and find out what happened. They just became castmembers of Vicks highlight reel. You see the two players did have Vick in their sights, did have great angles to deliver a punishing blow. But when it came time to deliver those hits, Vick wasn't there. The two players hit each other and Vick swished through. It's those exploits that had hundreds of fans standing on one sidewalk in support of Vick for allegations and now truths before him. And unfortunately, its those exploits that drew racial lines between white and black.

You see the reality of the whole thing, it doesn't matter what my opinion or the next guy's opinion is. We're going to think what we want. But the reality is, that Vick can't blame no one, nobody, no skin color, no upbringing or no lack of what have you on anyone, but himself. The decision to fund, bet or even participate in dog fighting was on him. The decision to retain friends that haven't made positive progression in their own lives, but maintained negative lifestyles that didn't fit or vibe with the lifestyle Vick worked for himself. Is on Vick.

Besides if they really were his boys, they should have figured out that Vick found a way out of his hood through athletics. They should have respected that and let him go. Unfortunately for Vick, when they decided to let him go.

It cost Vick everything he worked for.

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