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Friday, August 17, 2007

RF23 Commentary - Admonished from the NAACP Group on "Black Planet"

RF23 Commentary - Admonished From the NAACP Group on "Black Planet"

How is that possible? How can I, a black american be admonished from the NAACP site on black planet. The moderator of the group, deleted at least two of my post in regard to the decline of the NAACP and one post in regard to the liberal media and some black journalists asking if Barack Obama is black enough. Now, hey we're family, I like ya'll. Some of you have seen the light and tired of the rope a dope, that both parties are spewing to us. Kind of reminds of the movie "New Jack City." When the old man comes and chases the kids from Nino Brown. And Brown asks what the old man, what can he tell him, besides another "I have a dream" speech. Remember that?

Well some of us are tired of the speeches and empty promises from not one of the parties but both It's just that Democrats are in deeper doo doo than republicans. We need not look any further than the flooding caused by Katrina in Nawlin's. Over thirty years of democratic rule and what we saw was over thirty years of gov't dependance. What was it that Wolf Blitzer said, "Soooo poor and soooo black." Nawlin's not a good enough example, how about your local neighborhoods where crime is rampant.

But anyway I got admonished for saying the above, and not offering "solutions." which was funny, since the NAACP hasn't offered a solution since, since, Desegregation of our schools and over forty years after that feat.....what it get us? High drop out rates and kids not reading their grade level.

Solutions anyone?

and oh yeah! the same moderator who admonished me for not offering "solutions," on another thread was read saying, Bush lied, people died and war for oil montra. His solution...Impeach the president.

Well he's got Julian Bond down. I'm sure he's private messenging folks on the board, claiming that the group has been infiltrated by the "taliban right wing conservative."

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