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Monday, September 10, 2007

E-Mail to Steve Harvey Morning Show

Steve and morning show crew: Caught the interview with Theo Shaw's attorney and with Jesse Jackson this morning in regard to Jena, LA incident. This will be the second interview that I've heard in regard to that situation and the second time I heard "softball" questions to the guests. Now, I thought the point of this whole thing was to at least get the facts and not just the ones, we heard. No one asked Mr. Tucker, to at least give the facts of the case or what the DA's facts of the case were or allegations. If so, I stand corrected, and if this is read, please accept my apology.

Next, the interview with Jackson was whiffle ball. Jackson said he talked to the mother of the beatdown victim (Barker) and tried to get her to see this as some type of school yard fight! Are you kiddin' me?! Would you or anyone else in this listening audience treat this matter as one, if the shoe were on the other foot? What about if this were a six white boys who beat down a black boy? I'm 100 percent sure Jackson and Sharpton would be there claiming that it was racist and shows that little black children can't even go to school with white children without being harrassed.

So why the soft questions? How come no one, and I could be wrong, mentioned that Bell has been arrested before, he's no choir boy! he's got a violent past of beating people up and! I'm sure some of his beat downs weren't only on white boys. Next, can someone tell me about the shot gun incident. Who confronted who? did the group Shaw was with confront the boy or did the boy confront them? If you factual evidence for that, please present that. Next, how come no one mentioned that forty witnesses, white and black who testified and said that assault on Barker was not related to the tree noose incident? And! if Jackson is appealing to Barker's mother to treat this as boys being boys, then the noose incident should be treated as a sophmoric prank of immature boys. But enough of that how about the investigating Attorney General report? Are there any transcripts of the Bell trial? What about the jury notification? Jury notices went out and not one black prospective juror showed up for jury duty?

There's more to this case that meets the eye. I think we should let the facts play out before we start singing, "We Shall Overcome."
JCMoreno Valley, CA

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