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Monday, September 10, 2007

Fanz23 Commentary: Still Unanswered Questions About Jena 6

Fanz23 Commentary: Still Unanswered Questions About Jena 6

I'm still in the dark about the situation brewing in Jena, Louisiana. I still have questions and concerns about this case and basically, what I want to know is....What the hell is going on?

I know about the tree, the nooses, the convenient store confrontation, the high school beatdown of one boy, the arrest, the original charge, the alleged threat of the deputy district attorney for the Parish, the reduction of the charges, the public defender, the all white jury, the judge and the verdict.

Did I miss anything? Oh! the report of witnesses saying that the beat down had nothing to do with the noose incident, that no one of black persuasion showed up for jury duty, that one of the Jena 6 beatdown crew has a violent history himself, the public defender is black, One of the Jena 6 beatdown crew is now facing a long prison term and that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jacskon are planted in Jena, LA with sympathic, condescending white liberals on their side.

And by the way!

The Steve Harvey Morning Show, this time with Steve present, just received strike two and three. This morning they had the attorney for defendant Theo Shaw, one of the Jena 6 beat down crew and part of the three boy crew that either confronted the one white boy with the rifle or was confronted by the white boy on the show. Either way, that question was not asked by Harvey, nor a simple question of:

"Mr. Defense Attorney (Tucker was his name) what are the facts of the case?"

Then we would have more information to the case besides what I listed above. But somehow all that Harvey, Baisden, Jackson, Sharpton and others are pinpointed on, is, well, getting the boys off with a slap on the wrist and the 'ol saying of boys will be boys. Well, if the fight was one on one, two on two or a straight white black throwdown like the ones latinos and blacks have in Southern California schools. I might buy that argument. But this wasn't the case, the video clearly shows, six boys beating the mayonaise out of this one white boy and continuing the beat down after he was allegedly laying motionless and unconscious on the ground. I guess the one thing I can applaud these apologists is that no one is disputing the beat down didn't happen.

Strike three came in the form of Jesse Jackson via phone call from Harvey to the reverand of the rainbow push coalition victicrat baptist, christian, buddhist of mosque 666 in Chicago. Jackson, who came on after Shaw's attorney, was asked by Harvey what can be done to change the situation. It seems that Harvey and Jackson are interested in getting these boys no jail time for the crime that they did and let me state something else. Jackson said he tried to talk to the victim's mother to persuade her to look at this thing as a simple fight in school. Well, that would be fine if the parents in the black community would take the noose incident as a stupid sophmoric prank. My question would be to Jackson if the shoe were on the other foot and it was a black student beat down by a white beatdown crew, would he be persuading the parent(s) to let this go as a simple school fight? And before I get all kinds of e-mails or replies, the Jena 6 beat down crew should go to jail, especially repeat offender Mychal Bell for some length of time for aggravated assault. Not second degree attempted murder, although one can argue that their intent was to kill the white victim (Barker) by continuing to beat on him after he was unconscious. Also, they can move this case to Los Angeles and give them the OJ, Robert Blake and Michael Jackson jury and I'm confident that these boys will be going to jail. Hell, they can give them the judge in the Long Beach, CA Halloween beatdown of three white girls by a gang of blacks and this guy will throw the book at them.

So until all questions are asked and more about this case is made to the public. This matter is still a mystery shrouded with one sided stories. Meanwhile, as black folk start to beat the drum of racism and bigotry and bitch, moan and whine about how racist this country is and continues to be as Harvey intimated. Maybe he should take his act to the mother land. But I got a funny feeling that hell will freeze over before one black victicrat screaming racism every time a false allegation of rape is made or two beatdowns of whites is done by so called "not my baby" black kids are held accountable for they do.

Until then Hell will remain the same descriptive dark place with a lake of fire, with heat indexes unmeasurable.

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