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Monday, September 17, 2007

Fanz 23 Commentary: We The People...Find.

That short little phrase was heard over ten years ago, when Orenthal James Simpson, aka OJ Simpson was found not guilty of two counts of murder in the first degree by a jury that is still questioned today. Now today the same defendant is now sitting in a Las Vegas jail for armed robbery. Simpson's defense is that he was getting his stuff and that the memorablia was in fact his. Well, that's the problem right there for Simpson, he's wrong. The memorablia is not his and it hasn't been his since being found liable for the wrongful deaths of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. Both the Goldmans and the Browns were successful in getting a $33 million dollar judgment against Simpson and most recently a judge said that the plaintiffs are allowed to use Simpson's image to collect on the judgment.

So having said all that, any and all memorablia worth a dime does not belong to Simpson, but to the Goldmans and Browns. But that's neither here or there. Simpson committed a crime, one armed robbery and two, based off the tape, false inprisonment by telling his boys to not let the victims out of the room.

Now either Simpson has lost his freaking mind or he's not being intellectually honest. I go for both! How do you in your right mind, knowing that next to Michael Vick and Barry Bonds, you're the most hated man in America. A huge population is either convinced you killed two people or changed their minds within the last ten years. Those who changed their minds are the black folk who proclaimed your innocense. How stupid can you be, when you know the police, the same police who shares a nationwide fraternity is looking to have a case put on you, try you in court in hopes of getting a guilty verdict and having that huge population that is convinced you killed two people, take solace that you're locked up. And instead of saying your locked up for armed robbery...they'll do what they did when they replace your liability of wrongful death in a civil lawsuit for guilty.

You know, the one person in that large group, if he'd been alive to see and listen to that tape, would be laughing his backside off at you would be Ralph Wiley. It's no secret that Wiley disliked OJ, stemming back to their NBC Sports days. Wiley wrote a great piece on Simpson and I know you read it Simpson. It had to sting. Another person, who would be enjoying this would Robert Kardissian and Johnnie Cochran. Cochran's reaction and Kardissians facial expression, all but showed great disbelief of your verdict. You can thank the LAPD and a slow jury for that one...

Now comes the...We the people's third bite of the apple. Will it be that the three's the charm or will the Juice juke the people one more time?

I hope for his stupidity that he's hit harder than Jack Tatum hit his running through the airport azz!!

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