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Friday, September 28, 2007

Closing the Jena Six Situation

I'm going to make this comment and it's going to be the last one in regard to this situation. First, to black conservatives who waited in the dark until something negative was said about Bell to make an opinion or at least bring up the subject.....I say.....screw you. I know, I know, I'm in the black conservative genre because most of my insults and critique is mainly on liberals, like Shakedown Artist formerly known as Reverend Jesse Jackson and Police Car Chaser Al Sharpton. But while I was surfing the blogger net I saw something from Lashawn Barber who last week buried her head in the backsides of a boy singing group that no self respectin' black person would have in their ipods let alone in their crib [house], Hanson. She refused to comment and all but forwarded someone elses take to Michelle Malkin. Today, she finally lets one loose and opines...Now?! why?, at least I put out a comment or two addressing it. I also admitted that the charges of attempted murder may not be wrong, but when reduced, I agreed with the aggravated assault. I believe I have been consistent with my assessment and accepted additional information in regard to the Jena Six. I have posted at least four or five comments and until now someone like Barber and other black conservatives have said nothing and like roaches when the light is turned on, scattererd to their hiding places.

What is it about racism or perceived racism that causes such action, well, inaction from black conservatives. It's like kryptonite, it silents them and causes them delve into defense modes of pointing out other problems in the black community. Six black kids beat a white kid up over an racial incident involving nooses, all six arrested, one convicted as an adult by an all white jury and charges of racism is spread out throughout the country. Black conservatives reaction:

Bring up the high amount of crime blacks are involved in

Bring up the dismal graduation numbers

Bring up the lack of fathers in the home

Bring up every issue that is plaquing the black community.

Theres no offer of finding a solution or at least waiting to see what the facts are, until theres a little drop of blood in the water that theres something wrong with person claiming racism. In this case Bell, was the person of choice, due to his prior run in(s) with the law, five to be exact. And like sharks they are now interested, cause the person claiming injustice or racism is not the picture perfect person to call racism if he, is part of the problem in the black community.

To an extent, they may be right, but in this case, the law was on Bell's side, due to the fact that he was a minor at the time of the attack. So he should not have been tried and convicted as an adult but as a minor and since he spent months in jail under that umbrella, theres no need to continue trying him as a minor, although I suspect the DA will get a conviction of Bell as a juvey.

You know one of the things, that black conservatives get as a criticism, that is true, is that we can't discount black victimization and turn around a claim to be victims of the same.

We just can't.

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