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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fanz23: Working My Way Back to Baseball Boycott

Today, while at work, my co-worker asked me of my thoughts about the Bonds' 756 homerun ball. It seems that some idiot, and he is, put out some poll seeking suggestions of what to do with the ball. One of the polling options that was missing, was putting the ball up his ass! Surely that would have got my vote. But as luck would have it, sports media and sports talk radio klansmen voted to place the ball in the Hall of Fame with an asterik on it. So before anyone gets their take off or anyone reads other post, at 9:30 a.m., I suggested that Bonds ask the courts for an injunction of the ball going to Cooperstown, home of the Baseball Hall of Fame, because the asterik on the baseball is defaming him. The asterik suggests that Bonds is a steroid user, when in fact he has not been found or failed a drug test for steroid use. Bonds did in fact admit to using the cream and flaxseed oil. Bonds, along with other baseball players are attached to the BALCO situation in which it's owner Victor Conte was found guilty of distributing illegal steroids. Bonds was not implicated nor has there been any sworn testimony of steroid usage. There has been implication and a sports media bible, "The Game of Shadows," which all sports media members swear that is true and uses to insult and pass judgment against Bonds with. This sports media bible is the reason why baseball treated Bonds' historic feat with little interest but with much disdain.

So after saying all that, I believe Bonds has a good case to obtain an injunction and file suit againtst the idiot that placed an asterik on his 756 ball. His evidence, the ball itself, the reason of the poll and of course the idiot's testimony via deposition on why he placed an asterik on the ball and what he meant. Memo to Barry, your first interrogatory question should be

1. Can you provide any evidence that shows that the plaintiff has been found guilty of or failed a drug test for steroids?

One more memo to Barry, you need to start protecting your name and fight back. If someone accuses you or implies that you are a steroid user, you need to check them and receive a check. Doing nothing or saying nothing gives them the ammunition to do the idiotic stuff they do....

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