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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fanz23 aka The Skipper....The Skipper Report, Vol 3

At work, I was given another alias, besides Fanz, Repfanz or what have you, there, I'm called the Skipper for my hard hittin' sports take and sports news reports in my special way. So for the first time and hopefully not the last, here is Volume III of the Skipper Report.

Well, the skipper is back from the basement and feeling a little better. Of course while I was out a lot of things happened over the weekend and at the end of last week. So lets get it started.
O.J. Simpson: Besides Satan being banished from the heavens to hell. Is there anyone else who has fallen so far? Yeah, we can think of Michael Vick, but in Vick's case, he has a chance to redeem himself and probably rebuild his image. Simpson? I don't think so. No, scratch that, I know so! This guy is gone and minds well be dead to me. By now you all heard the tape of him and his friends busting in a Vegas hotel room and demanding that he get his stuff back. OJ? you were a great running back at SC, you were great in the NFL...Jesse James you are not! Lets file this in the "despicable" file.

The Dodgers: Next.

The Angels: Congrats to the Angels for either looking like the Braves or hopefully having their own identity. Memo to the Angels: You only won your division. Feel free to stop celebrating a division championship. Besides this is your third...Act like you won it before.

Mike Tyson: Earlier I asked the question of anyone falling from public grace...Well, of course Simpson was the main subject, but what about the person who was supposed to fall? Well as scheduled Mike Tyson finally gave in and granted the public its wish. He plead guilty to drug charges and is looking at three years in prison. Congratulations to Teddy Atlas, you can feel free to not be so bitter.

San Diego Chargers: Is it bad team or bad coach? And after winning the MVP award last year, someone might want to nominate Ladainian Tomlinson as "Cry Baby of the Year." After pouting and complainin' about the lack of class the Patriots have and reiterating it on ESPN, 710. Tomlinson might want to check himself and remind himself that the one rule that everybody, well, lets make that two, that everybody believes, in all sports is one, SCOREBOARD and two, WINS AND LOSES. And according to the last two scoreboards, where your team was on the LOSING end of. You need to remind yourself of that and get some wins or have the coach fired...I go for the latter.

Chicago Bears: Finally benched Rex Grossman....Next.

Oakland Raiders: Trust me, the keyboard is melting while I type. But props to da Raaayders for ending an eleven game skid, by beating Cleveland. Now can we all go back to regular programming. Raider lose.

NCAAF (UCLA): Saturday's win still doesn't get Karl Dorrell over the hump. I still say fire him and end the experiment. He may have beat Washington, but he still lost to Utah. Badly.

USC: Next, well maybe not so fast, Notice should have been served to LSU, Oklahoma and all other East Coast Media biased favorites. And the notice says, "Pick your poison," do you want SC to kill you with the run or is it an aerial attack you prefer?

Cinncinnati: Not the Bengals! But the Bearcats! After knocking off Syracuse, they knocked off highly touted Louisville. Ahhh for Big East fans, that thud later in the season will be the Bearcats.

Boxing News:
Taylor vs. Pavlik: on HBO, Pavlik by way of tearing down and spitting out Edwin Miranda bounced him at the dinner table of Undisputed Middleweight Champion Jermaine Taylor. Taylor who has been, well, bad is in for a fight that might test his resolve or have us looking at Edwin Miranda a little bit more. The reason why I said that is because Pavlik beat the hard punching Miranda so badly that fight fans demanded a Pavlik / Taylor fight. If Pavlik is KO'd by Taylor, we can all blame Miranda.

Soccer News: I know, I know some of you heard my takes on soccer and with horror ran away from the subject. But I might change my stance. Some "one named" guy got a contract that will pay him over a hundred mill, to run up and down a field and kick a ball. And oh yeah, roll on the ground like a fish when someone brazes against them. I might have been wrong about the sport and obviously threw my boys in the wrong sport. Maybe I should have let them keep their tails (a piece of hair that is braided in the back) put them on the soccer field! Pulling a check like that, just put soccer player one step ahead of "cheer leader " dude.

Well that's it...Until Next Time...

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