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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fanz23 Commentary: What Would Mike [Vick] Do?

I recently posted a thread in regard to the town hall meeting held in the ATL about Michael Vick and thought about posting this as a reply. I can't. I can't put the two together and here's why. One, the townhall meeting was a complete failure and nothing was solved. At the end of the day, Vick is still guilty of the crimes he plead too. Two, the color line is so split between black and white, you would think it's the OJ Simpson trial again. [Writer's note: I hereby decree that the first L.A. County prosecutor who sucessfully gets a guilty verdict for a high profile murder defendant such as Phil Spector, OJ Simpson and Robert Blake, should be made Govenor of the Blue State of California] But this isn't what this thread is about and please bear with me as I trudge through this.

Now, I try to not to judge folks and like the good book says, Judge not for you'll be judged, yada, yada. But when I heard on the Stephen A. Smith Show that Vick came up hot on his piss test for marijuana. I couldn't believe it. Now I have solid proof that these big time colleges are just herding these inner city and corn fed kids through school. I mean how else can you explain the mindset of a man, who is going to federal prison for five years according to a report by "insiders" involved in the case. Now when I said "insiders' I now expect to hear that Kobe Bryant wants a trade. But come on! Mike, this is the time before you are sentenced that you show the judge that you made a very big and costly mistake for the charges you plead too and to show that you are a good citizen. This is not the time to for you to do your best "I'm Rick James, B#@ch!" and smoke the mary jane! And by the way, I guess it's safe to say that Mike didn't ask himself, what would Jesus do? cause if he did...he would not have rolled the zig zag and burned tree.

Now heres my question for the apologists for Vick, did the white man make him burn the chronic? That's all I wanna know, cause I got the feeling that a good quantity of folks feel the white man made Vick fight dogs, have rape stands and kill them in the manner he did. It's just me and my opinion, ya'll. And what about this? He had plans to return to the NFL eventually, Is it safe to say that those plans are up in smoke?

Look, I get the feeling that he's stressed about the unknowns of what a known to be tough judge is gonna do...And I get that he's got added stress with Surrey County, VA now going after him. But again, burning blunt is not the best way to show your modesty and humbleness. If anything it shows that you don't give a damn and.......


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