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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Gary Coleman is damn nut!!!

I wasn't going to write about Gary Coleman, but the interview he did on the Tyra Banks Show w/ Guest Co-host Steve Harvey, is something I can't forget. First, let me get this out, just like the comparison we used to do in the ninth grade, between Rick James, Michael Jackson and Prince in who's better. Obviously Prince won. Well the comparison between Gary Coleman and Emmanual Lewis is in and Emmanual won. One, he's not in the media spotlight, like that damn nut Gary Coleman. Second, the only nut Lewis was around was, Michael Jackson and now that we know about Michael Jackson. I think somebody should check on Emmanual and see if he's alright.

Well anyway, Coleman and his new wife was on the Tyra Banks show and for one, I get Coleman has his kidney problems and all, but dude looks terrible. Second, he's not credible. Check this out, he mentioned that he was disgusted with Hollywood, but yet still looking for work. As a matter of fact, he's doing dumb stunts on video to get notice and I suspect, if someone can give Flava Flav and Bobby Brown a show. I know there might be two or three million Arnold Jackson lovers to see the train wreck of Coleman and his wife. It worked for Bobby Brown until he wanted more pay and network remembered that he needed them, more than they needed him.

Look, I feel sorry for former child stars, and especially the child stars on Different Strokes, Todd Bridges with his drug and arrest problems, Dana Plato with her druge and eventual death and now Coleman with his recent run-ins with the law. And I get that Coleman probably got the second worse end of the stick, I mean Dana is dead, it can't get any worse, but for Coleman's parents and management to steal money from him is just plain wrong and obviously devastating.

But it still doesn't excuse the fact that Gary "Arnold Jackson" Coleman is damn nut!!

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