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Friday, March 14, 2008

RF23 - Does This Make Sense?!

This whole political thing is starting to turn some stomaches and it's getting real dirty. No, I'm not talking about your usual low blow political commercial that says that politician A spent gov't funds on an Alaskan cruise or some alleged embezzlement scam. By the way, whoever comes out of the democratic party race, is going to use McCain's involvement with the Saving and Loans Scandal in the eighties against him. But this race between Clinton and Obama has uncovered a past the democratic party thought they buried with 40 years of monotholic black vote.


If you haven't paid too much attention to the race, or paid very little attention to it, you should pretty much know that Obama has won the majority of the state primaries and holds a slim 100 plus delegate lead over Clinton. Now a few weeks ago, I pointed out that these delegates that Obama has aren't in the pocket, he can't count on them nor can he take them for granted.


Because the delegates of each states can show up to the convention and change their vote..yeah, although the states in which Obama won, some in huge margins, can change their vote and give them to Clinton. And to make matters worse, if the race is close, then the Super Delegates can ignore the popular votes of the people and give it to Clinton, although Obama as stated is winning in the delegate count.

So now that you all know this, who are the super delegates? they are your elected and former politicians. For instance, Congressman Maxine Waters holds a super delegate vote and is supporting Clinton. Her district overwhelmingly voted for Clinton, do you think they will be happy to find out the person whom they voted for despite all her ridiculas rhetoric and dumb stances, is not going for Obama for whatever reason they are.

Recently Latrice sent me a e-mail that basically said that we should vote for Obama despite the ridiculas reasons of why some folk are not voting for him. I partially agreed, due to the fact of some reasons I heard why some folk are not voting for Obama. Now if Waters is supporting Clinton because she is a friend and feels that Clinton can do more and has more experience than Obama. Okay, but remember what I said earlier...

Racism is playing a part here...Not on Waters' place, but on her constituents. Black political and so called civil rights leaders are receiving death threats! and something I'm familiar with...

Their blackness questioned. I'm talking about the same ventriole Clarence Thomas, Condolezza Rice and Colin Powell questioning. Don't believe me, Tavis Smiley! has gotten threats and callled a Tom. John Lewis, a man who actually sang "We shall overcome," while dogs were biting his azz and water hoses being sprayed on him and other freedom marchers, had his blackness questioned. Lewis is an actual foot soldier!! for civil rights and just because he exercised his individual thought and felt the same about Clinton and not going with the "black like us" crowd.

Which brings me to this, if Obama would have won Texas and Ohio, of course the race would be over and the democrats would be concentrating on McCain. But he didn't and now the race as stated earlier has uncovered a past the democratic party didn't want you to realize.

"Although the party says they are for the little man and for racial equality...this race proves that a caveat is attached."

Now lets not get it twisted, blacks have ran for president and there were some serious contenders and even though I'm not a huge Jesse Jackson fan of late, he was a serious contender. Shirley Chisholm was a serious contender, Carol Mosely - Braun and Douglas Wilder, all like Obama had/have the qualifications to be commander of chief. So why in 2008, where we have a black man and a white woman running as top contenders are we talking race?

Let me help you.

As of right now, the statement made by former vice presidential candidate Geraldine Ferraro, Gloria Steinheim and Bill Clinton basically told blacks with aspirations of being president and actually on his or her way to doing so, "hey black boy! hey black gal! you don't know your place, we'll decide how far you go, we'll decide what you need and if you don't like it or cause trouble, we'll put you in your place."

In the past I used to say that blacks who continue to vote for a party that fought to keep their ancestors enslaved, fought to keep our great parents as second class citizens by Jim Crows laws, fought to deny our grandparents and parents their basic civil rights, did you read what I wrote! The party you punch every two to four years fought to keep generation after generation oppressed and now that Barack Obama has the chance to show the world, show a whole country of Black Americans that the little boy who is studying hard, staying out of gangs or if he lives in the neighborhood with gang infestation, survived and got out! that he too, can be president..But no! the party is split between black and white lines with racial overtones and if the race is close and the super delegates choose Clinton...You should feel like you're on a plantation. You thought your world was wide open and now if Clinton is picked and the black man is screwed over. You will see the boundaries of the massa's land.

Does what I wrote ring a bell or do you continue to let by gones be by gones and continue to read news stories of yet another young black male shot in the streets, yet another graduation class letting young black males pass without being able to speak properly, write properly and add.

Now don't get me wrong, I don't agree with Obama politically, but you know what, I'm almost 40 and I'm alive to see a black man or woman be president. And although I'm not voting for him for his stances on raising taxes, illegal immigration, the war in Iraq and terrorism and last but not least universal health care. Notice I didnt' put he'll be assasinated or whatever ridiculas reason I've heard as a reason why I oppose his vote. No, I won't be missing history if he is nominated..Will I be proud, yeah.

Pissed off..


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