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Friday, December 05, 2008

X Rated Fanzz23's - That Was A Good Movie

It was a Saturday and Jeff was just kicking it in the house, watching a few games, doing some laundry and doing some house work, when he cell phone rang. He was going to let it go to voice mail when he looked and saw who it was. Still the name on the caller ID, didn't have Jeff excited, but he answered the phone call from Brianna anyway..

Jeff: What's up, girl

Brianna: Nothing, whatchu doing?

Jeff: Nothin' just kickin' it around the house, nothing big to splash about.. Whatchu up to?

Brianna: Nothin' kinda of bored, my girls are kickin it with their men and I'm left out..

Jeff: Damn, I thought you are your girls were tight, they can't share their man with you, get a little three way action in...(laughing)

Brianna: Boy, you crazy, we ain't that close and what they told me in North Carolina last week, shhh it wouldn't be worth my time, teasing my pooh c like that.

Jeff: got it like that..What you like Mya, your shhh is like woo!

Brianna: You seen my body..

Jeff: Well you were sporting those jeans...yeah you got a nice size apple.

Brianna: So you stuck in the house or what? Lets do something.

Jeff: Nah, baby my ends are short..I'm stuck in the mutha fuggin' house

Brianna: Dang, nigga, we could do stuff without spending a lot!

Jeff: Well yeah your right...what do you have in mind?

Brianna: We can watch movies just kick it.

Jeff: I ain't watching no chick flick..

Brianna: Why not, it might get you chick laid..

Jeff: Oh shhht

Brianna: Didn't think about that did you?

Jeff: Ahh no, well hell what we watching then...

Brianna: Come over..oh wait you got gas money right?

Jeff: Ha ha - You got jokes..I'll call you when I'm on my way..

Brianna: alright.

Damn, Jeff was thinking, he really didn't have the gas money, but if he's going to Brianna's house, he better get broken off a little something.....

It was getting close to six o' clock , when Jeff called Brianna and told her he was on his way and fifteen minutes after until he actually left his place. After he made sure he had the real trojans with him, packed an overnight bag, which he left in the car. He didn't want to assume anything and besides, Brianna and he just met and had small conversation before. She'd always call to get his opinion about sports and politics. And although there was a little flirting, no one has pulled the trigger.

Jeff pulled up to Brianna's house and admired the neighborhood and the house. "Damn! - That's a big azz house for one person" he said to himself. He walked up to the door and before he can ring the doorbell, Brianna opened the door.

Brianna: Hey sweetie come on in..

Jeff: Hey yourself, Dang baby y ou got it going on..

Brianna: This little place, come in sit down...

Jeff comes in and is impressed with size and style of the house.

Brianna: Come into this room, this is where I watch T.V. and stuff.

Jeff: and stuff?

Jeff entes the room and is impressed with the 52' HD TV on the wall and what appeared to be an oversize chair...

Jeff: and stuff?

Brianna: What you intimidated? boy sit down ..What you wanna watch

Jeff: Shhh a chick flick!

Brianna: (laughing) you crazy. Let's watch SAW IV

Jeff: Damn you trying to have me sleep with the night light on..put it on.

Just then it darned on Jeff, that Brianna was wearing short shorts on and a nice top. Her breast were perky and he could've sworn he could see through the shirt.

Brianna: What something to drink? I got beer, Crown Royal -

Jeff: Oh shhhh! Crown Royal, serve that up..

Brianna: No gin?

Jeff gave Brianna a look...

Jeff: Gin make you sin..

Brianna: Well today is Saturday, you can go to church and get forgiveness for your sins.. All. of. them.

Just then Jeff knew that Brianna had other things in mind and now the outfit she's wearing is really making his dick hard...

Jeff: Well okay serve up the gin...

Brianna just stood there in front of Jeff and Jeff instantly knew Brianna had different plans..

Brianna: Jeff, I'm going to be straight up, I was down for watching movies, but before you got here I was looking at some porn and I need you to work out this itch..

Jeff: Shhh baby you ain't said a thing, lets do this -

Before Jeff could finish his sentence, Brianna was on him like a cat on a mouse, she took off her top and stripped down to her bare body. Her kisses were strong and her tongue was surprisingly long and thick. Jeff needed a second to readjust, because he knew that Brianna was ready to go and she needed to be satisfied. badly. As Jeff was massaging Brianna back in the throws of foreplay, Brianna stopped kissing and pulled Jeff's pants down.

Brianna: Oh you came ready?

Jeff was speechless and Brianna pulled down his underwear and put her mouth and then used her long tongue all around Jeff's dick..Jeff was screaming inside and out and he was begging for Brianna to stop and then go and then stop. Brianna was sucking and licking Jeff's dick until he exploded in her mouth and she took it all in and smiled.

Brianna: That's all you got?

Jeff was surprised and before he could answer, she grabbed his wrist and fell backward..She pushed Jeff's head down to her poo - c and Jeff went to work, he was sucking, licking and sticking his tongue in her poo -c and she was moaning and groaning with delight...As Jeff continued to eat out Brianna, he was messaging his dick to get it hard again and it didn't take long for it to rise.

Brianna: Give it here!

Jeff raised up, reached in his pants pocket nearby and took out the rubber, he put it on in record time..and stuck his protected dick in her...

Brianna: Nah! I got to feel you, take that shhht off

Jeff: Huh?

Brianna reaches down, grabs Jeff's dick and rips the rubber off.

Brianna: Now fug me

Jeff obliged and stuck his dick in her...The poo-c was hot and wet and Jeff couldn't help but notice that it was tight and his shht fit just right. Jeff was pumping and Brianna was doing the same..She screamed and hollered, HARDER Big Daddy! Harder! Jeff pushed harder and faster, sweat was beading off his forehead and Brianna said "me on top"..They switched position and she rode his dick like she was riding a horse, riding hard, with her hand on his chest, screaming in passion, both of them, as she came and screamed...

"Oh you mutha fugga, Is this some good poo-c, huh? Huh?" Jeff was nodding and really thinking, "damn this is some good poo-c." Brianna slowed her ride and put her arms behind her as she leaned back...They both ooo'd and awed and she slowly went up and down, moving her head side to side..

Brianna: Tell me when you're about to nut..I'm thirsty

As she continue to go up and down slowly with an occassion round and round motion of her hips. Jeff couldn't take it anymore and he raised up and he sucked her breasts, grabber her legs and moved them forward and began fuggin' her harder as he sat up. She moaned and screamed and Jeff felt he was about to nut...

Jeff: I'm cummin'

Brianna jumped off and put her mouth and her long tongue on his Jeff's dick and being licking and sucking until Jeff reached climax. Again she took it all in and smiled.

They both laid on the floor next to each other, tired from all that fuggin'. Brianna raises up, looks at Jeff.

Brianna: That was a good movie.

Jeff (laughing) hell yeah it was, shhh I want to see it again..

Brianna gets up, heads to the loveseat, pulls back the pillows and brings out a video camera.

Brianna: Think we ain't?


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