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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

RF23 - Have An Opinion About Gay Marriage..It Better Vibe With Gays

The more I hear and see events that goes against any group, wait check that, any liberal special interest group. I think of the saying, "People who ask for tolerance are intolerant." Meaning that they want concessions or any other wants or entitlements they feel they are not getting.

And one group that seems to be the most intolerant are gay organizations or individuals. Last November, California voters amended their state constitution to say that marriage is between one man and one woman. Key word, Voters.

One would think that after a fair vote on a historical day, when, well, lets move on, gays would accept that California citizens have voted and the majority having said, yes on proposition 8. Wrong! they went to the streets and protested the end results, they blamed the Mormon church and by the way, it's been over 100 days, and still no reports of gays protesting in front of black churches, however in those 100 days, they and other politicians have insulted blacks by saying, that they were confused and didn't read the proposition right. Gays started a "black list" on local business owners who donated money to "Yes on Prop 8" and continued to 'bmw' about the results.

So after weeks of bmw'ing, California politicians kowtowed to these groups and gave their support to these gay organizations and now the recently voted on proposition is being reviewed by the state supreme court. Strangely these politicians are wondering why the people are organizing protests and starting recalls.

So no one could have guessed that during a Miss USA pageant, a gay judge asked Miss California, Carrie Prejean on her thoughts in regard to gay marriage. With her continued smile, she gave a truthful answer, the same answer bho gave, that although he did not support prop 8, he felt that marriage should be between one man and one woman. The same answer given by H. Clinton. Yet there were no reverberations toward bho on election night. But Carrie Prejean? what she went through in just 3 weeks after her comments, as she said, should not happen in the United States. The gay judge, this flaming Hilton guy-girl, called her everything but a child of God, by which based on his-her choice to disobey God, will flame forever in hell. Next, racy photos of Ms. Prejean show up on the internet, followed up by demands that she resign as Miss California.

And Joe "The Plumber" thought he went through it..

So again, people like this Hilton guy-girl and other gay groups can bash anyone who does not agree with their positions, yet when hit in the face...

Like rats that they are, they hide behind the homophoeb card.

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