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Monday, March 20, 2006

The Plight of the Blackman (NY Times)

The attached story is about the plight of the black man, or better yet excuses and more excuses of why the black man can't do nothing, except take sell drugs, pimp women or lay under a hard working woman and when she gets fed up with they're trifling azz, the system will then field goal kick them in the state pen.

Yesterday, I was talking to my girls dad and he was telling me about NASA using Tuskegee Institute for an alternative fuel systems study. He commented that he has yet to read anything in the main steam media or press about this ground breaking study, the historically black college did. I, on the other hand wasn't surprised, I basically told him, it was something positive..The media won't show a black college with such a breakthrough and the simple fact that NASA picked Tuskegee to do the study and research is news in itself. But no, instead we get nausating and bullbleep research stories from Yale and Harvard about the poor plight of the black man.

The attached story is supposed to make the reader and the potential democratic politician make note of the this plight and say, "Well, I'll make changes here, I'll add more government run programs to turn this tide." Albeit this may be a good ideal and well intentioned, but theres one problem. WHAT ABOUT THE CHOICES MADE BY THESE MEN. One of the men in the story, has four children from 3 different women, he's a high-school dropout and a ex-convict. He's complaining that the system is unfair to him, because he has a record..and he may have a point, but while in the hole, what did he do to improve himself? did he get a GED while in the hole? No. And what about the kids, four from three different women, whose fault is that? Hell, I have 4 children myself, but heres the thing, they all traveled through the same canal, while momma and daddy were married. Now grant it, we are no longer together, but let there be no misunderstanding of our discipline and teamwork when it comes to these teenaged kids of mine. And so with my two step daughters, teamwork, between the my wife and the father of her girls and myself..I guess what I'm saying is, that if they had made better choices..there would be no plight...and then again, I should ask why and how come, a small percentage of us black men, got it, although we made mistakes in our lives, but we got it..We got that working hard and improving ourselves, was beneficial not only to us, but our families and most importantly, it shows our children, what an education and continued hard work will do for their futures.


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