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Thursday, November 08, 2007

RF23 Commentary: So he was bullied...boohoooo!!

RF23 Commentary: So he was bullied...booohooo!!!

So the nut who decided to join a list of past other nuts, weaklings who chose to take the cowards way out, instead of taking up for themselves and doing what other people and this may include some of you on this board, who were bullied and chose to FIGHT BACK!!

There are some things that mommy and daddy can't do and this is one of them in regard to being a victim of bullying from other kids...You kick their ass!! You retort with the one one liner that will never ever "not ever" be funny when you're being teased....In case some of you don't know what the line is. It's "Yo Momma." A "Yo momma" blast with additional smack shuts down all conversation and at times lead to the one thing that'll end the bullying and the teasing...a fight....Yeah a fight, this is where you show the bully and his or her crew that you ain't the one to be effed with. Win, lose or draw you walk away as the winner and free from all other bullbleep until the next fool decides to try you.

Look what this kid and others went through is a simple strong v. weak. It's a game of tag and the slow fat kid is always "it," Until he finally catches someone else, usually an uncoordinated slower kid. It's the law and it's not supposed be messed with or have the rules changed because the school nerd decides to implement his or her policy to stop their off spring from being in the same fate.

Yesterday, I posted a story of a tragic story of a 22 year old woman, who was pregnant and killed over some bullbleep...Well a no good "NAACP recently buried word." I said that was senseless....Well so is this. And guess what? the shooter is still a scary ass punk who couldn't go through a passage all before him overcame.

And now he's definitely going to a place where evil looms for eternal torment.

How ironic...


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