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Friday, November 02, 2007

Why Bother....

The day before yesterday it was announced that the NY Yankees were going to hire Joe Giraldi to take over the helm as manager of the Yankees after Joe Torre. Upon hearing that, the Dodgers, who were prepared to hire any "Joe," had a manager fired via the sports media under the auspices of his resignation, ended up hiring Joe Torre.

Now I don't have a problem with the hire, Torre won 4 World Series Championships managing the Yankees and was handling a group of players worth $200 million. So the man can definitely manage high profile players and young players to perform at a championship level...

What I do have a problem with, is the hiring practice of both teams and with the help of the commissioner, Bud Selig. Before Torre was hired, the commissioner "exempted" the Dodgers from having to interview a minority candidate for the managerial position. It seems that all ball clubs have to interview minority candidates that is similiar to the Rooney Rule in the NFL. It's baseball's equal to affirmative action to allegedly level the playing field and the dugout.

So if there is a rule that says you got to interview a minority candidate...Why exempt the Dodgers from doing it and deny a minority candidate the opportunity to at least get a handshake , a cup of coffee and an opportunity to talk baseball. Again, I have no problem with the hire, but I do with the charade of interviewing minority candidates with the ideal of having no intention of hiring them. Why do it? Need a good example of playing charades?

The Yankees brought in one minority candidate, while at the same time writing up Joe Giradi's contract. To me that's worse, because you have one candidate hoping, praying that he says something that gets his foot in the door, only in reality.....

That door was never open....

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