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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fanz Sports Report, II

Fanz Sports Report, II

You know the Skipper is not a happy camper, yesterday, well over the weekend. The house the skipper lives in, was inuadated with nothing but high winds and eventual smoke. You see the skipper resides in the boonies, where the mountains are pure brown and sand colored rock and around that, is desert! The skipper's allergies was not feeling that and it put him on the CIS [Call in Sick] list for Monday. Anyway, with a stuffy nose and wheezing like I smoke ten packs a day for twenty years, I was able to catch some games and attend a Middle School 6-8th Grade girls volleyball game. Props to Janelle Blackwell for showing her father's competitive appetite for actually caring that her team came up on the short end of victory. Her team was defeated by Landmark Middle School, two games to none. All the girls on both sides, played hard, showed grit and competed hard. And that's all you can ask for, especially when the admission is free.

Next, this commentary is my opinion and I reserve the right to take it as fact.

1. Prior to the game 7 of the ALCS, word came down that a pitcher for the Cleveland Indians bought HGH from 2002 - 2005. Now before I go on this Stephen A. Smith rant, let me say this, if an athlete chooses to do steroids or use Amphenterines to give them an edge to continue performing in the high level that the athlete and his or her fans are accustomed too...I say so what. who cares? it's their body and they choose to do so, oh freakin' well. You see I'm not caught up in the stats, figures and records that most sports fans are in too and I get their argument that they need to know that things are on the up and up. I get that and I respect that, but here's my question, Why?! The reason why these athletes get all the chedder they get is because, dammit, they can do things that you or I could not do on a basketball court, baseball diamond and football field. They were willing and some were given the god given talent to take it to the next level and some were willing to go that extra step of doing anything to not leave the game they grew up playing. So if you're telling me that you the fan, need to know, what an athlete eats or drinks throughout the day, there is something wrong with the fan and the numb nuts that report it. But hey! this is the era we live in and I gotta half heartedly accept it....and if I gotta except it, then the reporting has got be on the up and up.

Sports media can't pick and chose what stories are revelant and irrevelant. For instance the pitcher for the Indians. He said he used HGH for some type of ailment and that his doctor prescribed them. Now I have two problems with his story, one, he bought them and used a place that was recently busted for selling these illegal drugs. Two, if they're were a prescription, then how come are we just hearing about this and why wait until your team is in the biggest game of it's history to admit you used HGH.....Again I don't care if dude injected, ingested or drank the stuff, but don't lie to me and make it seem like it's no big deal! and sports media don't under-report the story, just because the person, you all are hoping for, name hasn't popped up.

And that's the most disgusting thing about sports media and sports talk. It's turned into main stream media reporting and it's biased. For instance, and this is recent, In August, Allen Iverson and his group stopped and gave aid to accident victims, who were up side down in their vehicle. Iverson gave aid and stayed until medical assistance arrived. No one mentioned it on ESPN or FOX Sports, a few internet sites reported it, but not many...In September, Iverson failed to attend a basketball camp and everyone reported it! like the man committed a felony. You know what, never mind....lets move on.

UCLA: My investments came in on Sunday, but unfortunately I wasn't able to spend on a new club or fishin' rod. Props to UCLA, I still say fire Karl Dorrell. UCLA fans need a coach that is going to keep his team consistent and fired up and take out the top competition and the dogs they play. I dunno, as long as I can see that 44-6 butt whoopin' from Utah and that Notre Dame loss, I still say fire Dorrell.

USC: What SC did to Notre Dame, UCLA should have done the same. SC beat down the Irish and spared them their worse loss in ND history. Quite frankly, I would have run the score up on them. For the the improper firing of Tyrone Willingham.

Arizona St: Is ranked number 4 in the BCS after not playing this week. I guess I should be grateful to the comp-boo-ter for that PAC 10 ranking.

MLB: I'm still pissed, but props to the Bosoxs for punking the new lovable losers the Cleveland Indians. How much can one city take, how many times are we gonna see teams from this city get their hearts torn from them. Who cares, we need a red head step child to be mistreated...

NFL: The Paycheats are good enough for me to call the Patriots. The Colts slowly but surely pull apart the Jaguars on MNF. And speaking of MNF, last week Jimmy Kimmel made fun of former MNF contributor, Joe Theisman and all of sudden found himself banned from MNF broadcast. All he said was that he would like to say hello to the now sitting on the couch Theisman.

Soccer: The U.S. women's national team fired their coach. On the noise registered a .001. Someone reported they heard a tree fall in the forest.

NASCAR: Jeff Gordon is ahead by 53 points on Jimmy Johnson in the Nextel Points Board.

Other News: KLAC 570 AM's Lee Hacksaw Hamilton was on the John Ziegler show (640 KFI) last night saying that his home may have been damaged in the fires in the San Diego Area. Hamilton who used to have the afternoon-drive home slots, said that he had to evacuate his ailing mother and wife from their homes yesterday. Today Hacksaw appeared on the Today show. No word of the status of the homes....Also, Football's MVP and cry baby Ladainian Tomlinson and Baseball HOF Tony Gwynne had to evacuate their homes. Gwynne was quoted as saying, "that's why we have insurance." Nice to know that Tony, so you won't be taking federal tax payers fund to rebuild.
Well that's it for this week

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