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Friday, October 12, 2007

OOOOWEEEE! Hit Em' No Pun intended for young Mr. Bell

GaNeane sent this to me while ducking under her desk for Chocalate Bride Friends...Hey don't back down, black folk hate to hear other pressing issues than the weak one, they're supportin'..

ok...I am going to flip the script. I realize that my view is going to be unpopular but I gotta say it.

This kid is NO ANGEL. He should NOT be the face of "racism" in America! And having the, as my husband calls them, "Race Hustlateers" at his side is NOT lending this situation any credibility! I don't doubt that there are SERIOUS issues in this town. I don't doubt that AT ALL. The school board messed up MIGHTILY by simply letting the issue of the nooses just lie. I also agree the charge of attempted murder was excessive.But all this rallying around a kid who, while he MAY be a great football player is OBVIOUSLY a kid who likes to get in trouble too? His father is all visible and present now but where the hell was he when this kid needed him to put his foot up his ass? Where the hell was he when he needed a grown man to show him how to BE a grown man? Where the hell was he when he was charged the FIRST few times in juvenile court? No, he waits until it is serious enough to warrant the big R in the sky for the Super Race Heroes Jackson and Sharpton to find them a photo op! And here they come running..just like they did to Duke, and just like they did to LA just this week! Not nare one of these grown men were around to see this boy grow up and THAT is the real crime!His father wants all his past charges to just be dropped and make it disappear "like it never happened". what kind of message is that teaching him? That if you make a loud enough noise all your dirt will go away??? Yes, he got sent back to jail: HE VIOLATED THE TERMS OF HIS PROBATION THAT HE WAS ON WHEN HE AND THE OTHERS GOT IN THE FIGHT TO BEGIN WITH!! HE WAS ON PROBATION FOR ALREADY BEATING SOMEONE ELSE DOWN AND YOU CAN BET YOUR BOTTOM DOLLAR THAT PERSON WASN'T WHITE!! It was someone in his OWN neighborhood!! He wasn't walking home from Bible Study with a book in his hand and simply felt the need to lay hands to deliver someone from evil!!! This is no choir boy yet Black America simply heard the BLACK signal and went screaming about racism.Now don't get me wrong. I believe racism is alive and well. From both WHITE FOLKS AND BLACK FOLKS. It goes BOTH WAYS. I know I have been guilty of it...lemme see a Black man walk by with a White woman...and Lawd don't let her be UGLY!!! I got all kinds of thoughts running through my head!!! So I am not saying that the actions of certain other folks in that town were justified.However just as I refuse to call Jackson, Sharpton and others like them my "Black Leaders", I will not paint Mychal Bell as some innocent "victim" in this. He was a victim when his daddy chose not to be involved in his life until it got national exposure. However he has made choices that he MUST deal with the consequences! If this all just goes away as his father wants he will learn NOTHING from all of this...from all the well-meaning and good hearted folks who rallied to his cause, to his aid.Folks, lest we forget...there are victims of every race and color. Al Sharpton owes a HUGE apology to the players of the Duke Lacrosse team..I ain't heard it yet....Just this week a little girl claimed a security guard broke her arm here in LA...Jesse Jackson was on the scene it turns out that she got in trouble for THROWING A BIRTHDAY CAKE on the ground and refusing to pick it up and starting a altercation. She's been wearing a splint for weeks, but her family gave permission for her doctor to talk to the media and guess what? He says her arm is NOT broken and she had no injuries! But all of Black LA is up in arms and ready to do battle, shine the big R in the sky!We need to learn to act and not to just REACT. I am guilty of it myself..truly I am! I'm talking to ME too! But we as a people need to realize that alot of our ISH is NOT the White Man's fault! It is our OWN. And when things do happen that are undeniably FOUL, we have no credibility...because we have cried wolf so many times...we rally at the slightest provocation...yet how many of us don't vote, don't participate in the political process, are apathetic to the greater world around us, UNLESS we perceive that it is preventing us from getting what we feel is our just due? WE need to take responsiblity for US.I feel sorry for the Mychal Bells of the is a shame that he has to go back to jail. But it is an even greater shame that Black America thinks that simply because he is Black that he shouldn't have to expiate for his crimes.Please note: I do feel that racism is alive and well in this country..and this is a point that my husband and I differ on. He feels that because it isn't necessarily expressed as openly as it was in our grandparent's generation that that means it pretty much doesn't exist. I disagree and we have agreed to disagree.I do agree that within the court system there is disparity, within the judicial system the law is not always applied fairly. However I also know that each one of the women posting on this board are smart, intelligent THINKING women who have actually taken the time and passion to THINK about this issue. My concern is for the person who hasn't a clue what channel CNN or FoxNews is, yet all they hear is someone shouting about racism and they are up in arms. And I mean in ARMS, ready to riot and destroy their own community. That kind of ignorance is what I am talking about.I simply have to maintain my opinion of the Sharptons and Jacksons of this world. If they are fighting for equality and justice then they need to do it across the board, whether they are seen or unseen for EVERYONE. MLK fought for EVERYONE not just Black folks! He wanted everyone to know what a dream is about, what the love of Christ is. The Hustleteers only seem to show up when it is going to be inflammatory or make the local news. I do not respect their tactics and their motives, IMHO are questionable. However I do agree that the TRUE leaders are the ones who are NOT ringing their own bells with their own press corp. They are the ones who are quietly raising their children, being involved in their communities, loving their wives, having a career...etc.

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