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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

RF23 - Obama's Self Destruction

Election 08: Obama's Self on Self Destruction

Well it looks like Obama has finally done it. One of the criticisms the right throws on the left and its supporters is that they're weak on national security. They say the libs [Dems] don't get the fact that there's an enemy looking to do some serious damage to the United States. I guess the flip side to that is, those of whom who throw stones, forget that their throwing them from glass houses themselves, since some republicans are in support of open borders. But one person in particular, who is asking the American public to trust him with the keys to the country and take the vow to defend her is trying to circumvent that action. That person, who is still on the presidential campaign trail on the "I voted to not...." montra is now performing self on self destruction.

Barack Obama was asked by 60 Minutes if he either lost or wasn't nominated to represent the democratic party, would it be because he is black...Obama replied that it wouldn't be because of his race, but that he failed to connect with the public on the issues. Great! good answer! Although I have a funny feeling that Michelle Obama wouldn't agree, but hey, asked and answered, right!. And since Obama mentioned not connecting, I'm pretty sure he's disconnecting from a few democratic voters who haven't fallen for the ecstasy laced liberal "ghetto" juice. I'm sure along with the belief that the federal gov't should be responsible for some programs. They also believe that our federal gov't should be able to sock someone in the mouth after being hit. Apparently Obama doesn't believe in that adage in regard to nuclear weapons. Obama is looking to declaw the United States of one of its biggest deterrents and render her [Us], the French.

Look I thought the goal was to become President, based off the fact that you didn't vote for the war and feel the nation needs a new direction in regard to our foreign affairs. Not take off our red, white and blue tuxedo with top hat and put on pink and light blue dresses!

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