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Monday, October 01, 2007

Robbing You...To Give to...

Last week democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said that, she wants to give newborn children, $5000.00. Well, that's great if it's coming out of her pocket, but it ain't. She's going to take it from you, the tax payer and turn around and give it to someone who got knocked up. Her plan, and of course it's well meaning and everything, is that the funds will gain from the interest in 18 years in which the kid, could either use it for homebuying or school.

Hey whatever.

Look, I have nothing against tax and give democrats, but what I do have a problem is that it's supposed to help a small group of people. Obviously, this will get some folk to start spreadin' some genes around for the money, but what if you choose not to have kids. Are you happy that your money is going to someone who either chose too or got knocked up accidently? And what about those of us, who have kids already? They could use $5000.00 for whatever reason. Are we assed out, cause we fugged too early.

You see, it's things like this that bury democratic nominees, univeral healthcare..but nothing for social security reform and now this funds for babies. I know it's all campaign promises, but they should promise something that doable, you know like building the fence at our southern and northern borders...

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