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Monday, October 01, 2007

Fanz23 Sports: Weekend in Review

Well, sports fans another weekend of sports is in the history books and there's much to discuss, so lets get crackin' on it.

First: Week 4 of the NFL season will end with the Bengals going against the Paycheats (Patriots) tonight. Take the Pats big time.

Packers: Bret Favre broke Dan Marino's all time touchdown record yesterday against the
Vikings. So what. Big deal. Look celebrating a record in any sport is dull to me, due to other reasons involving Bonds. Don't get me wrong, Favre is a helluva quarterback, but let's look reality in the face, we're supposed to celebrate a feat of a guy who most of media had packaged for retirement. And another thing, celebrating a feat of passing a talented guy, who never won a super bowl, for a guy who only won one is supposed to do what. I mean the list is full of guys who found a receiver in the end zone, but never won the big dance. Now the "feel good" story is Favre. Whatever. You would think for all that talent, he would at least won one more super bowl, but wait! He lost one of them to a guy who I think is one of the greatest ever in my lifetime. Elway.

And before I go to the next team of the week, what is it about the media's obsession of "feel good" stories? during baseball season it was Rick Ankiel, of the Cardinals. And we saw the rest of the story as reports came out that he received a package of HGH, in which he claimed that he didn't take and of course the drug was legal in baseball. And as usual the media and it's pundit dismissed it, but kept the onus on Bonds. Now the feel good story is Favre breaking Marino's mark. Yawn...

Cowboys: 4-0, I'm going to reserve my takes on this team, until they play New England. If they get past the Patriots, then the Skipper is going to be talking big! sh.
Raider: Daunte Culpepper basically made the Dolphins look sick yesterday. Culpepper who was responsible for five scores of the Raiders beatdown on the Dolphins pointed to his knee after one score and basically used the football as his middle finger to the Dolphins' management. Good for Daunte...Raiders 2-2 and one game better than...

Chargers: Why Norv Turner is still pulling a check is a mystery, but the Chargers' GM should be packin'. I know I said last week that Turner should be fired, but the point is this, Turner should not have been hired in the first place. That action falls squarely on AJ Smith. And speaking of falls, since the Chargers hired Norv, the fall of Chargers happened when the team announced they fired Marty.

Eagles: Maybe the Eagles should wear those ugly uniforms all season, cause it definitely was the colors. The Eagles gave up 12 sacks and 6 came from former Long Beach Poly and USC lineman, Winston Justice as the Giants abused the former Trojan.

Boxing News:
And A New......: For non-boxing fans, you missed a great fight as Kelly Pavlik got off the canvas to place Undisputed Middleweight Champion Jermaine Taylor on it. Pavlik who hails from Youngstown, OH took the title from Taylor by knockout in the seventh round. For fight fans, these two will get it on again, due to a rematch clause in the contracts. Hey don't let the fact that there was a knockout fool you on not wanting to see these two warriors go at it. Taylor had the challenger down in the second round, with a huge barrage of punches, but Pavlik showed a little more heart.

Soccer News: The US women soccer team took bronze, after the coach decided that gold sucked and preferred to be third place finishers. I believe this gives them the nod to participate in the olympic in 2008.

Hockey News: The Ducks beat the Kings across the Atlantic Pond, as the 2007-8 hockey season started.

MLB: After 162 games, the schedule has shaken out the disappointing and just plain bad teams and left invites for the ones who displayed more heart and let's be frank about it...Just won more games. I'm guessing that this will probably be the last we see of Barry Bonds, until his induction into the hall of fame in 2013. I'm going to assume that will be a no-brainer. Oh! props to Gilbert Arenas, the Washington Wizards, guard bought the ball from the idiot, who sided with other, id-dee, never mind, to place an asterik on the 756 home run ball.

Playoffs: Since the Angels decided to celebrate their divisional championship like they won the world series. I'm going to go against my boys from Los Angeles in Anaheim and take creep Schilling's team to go to the world series and play whoever from the NL. But if the Angeles get past the creep's team, Dodger fans are going to feel more blue than the colors they wear.

NASCAR: Jimmie Johnson is now the leader of the Nextel Cup with Jeff Gordon six points behind. Looks like this is going to be a close finish.

On the Waves: The Dan Patrick Show is now on 570 KLAC, starting from 6 am to 9 pm. Patrick who recently ended his relationship with ESPN will now take over the morning spot where longtime Sports reader, Fred Roggin and Los Angeles Times Sports Columnist TJ Simers with daughter, Tracey Simers were host of the Roggin and Simers (Squared). Also, ESPN radio has split Patrick's old spot with MNF's Mike Tirico for two hours and NBA's Stephen A. Smith for one hour. Locally, Demarco Farr resigned to pursue a comeback to the NFL. Other words he got canned. I'm disappointed, because I heard that the 2-Live Stews were going to take Patrick's spot. The Stews are the hottest Atlanta sportstalk host and making huge gains nationally

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