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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Fanz23 Sports Commentary....

It is with disappointment and sorta sadness to have to write down the debachle of the USC Trojans, who lost to the lowly Stanford Cardinal on Saturday. You know one of the things I counted on Saturday was well, death, cause the day or tomorrow ain't promised to you and sales taxes of a purchase. And even though I tried to tie in a Trojan victory over Stanford, it never occured that the unthinkable and improbable could happen. Well it did and that didn't stop the black cloud of bad sports news in the Los Angeles area:


UCLA: Congratulations to the Notre Dame "Fighting" Irish for getting a win where bad teams have been sucessful in finding. Just two weeks ago, the Bruins got mugged by the winless Utah Utes 44-3 and now bitch slapped by the Irish 20-6. But for the Trojans getting punked by Stanford, this would've been a big story and the end of Karl Dorrell's coaching career at UCLA.

But this wasn't only thing that dampened Los Angeles over the weekend:

MLB (Amer. League):

After celebrating their fourth divisional championship and pretending like they won the World Series. The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim went to Boston got "Big Papi" slapped there and came home to get their halos wiped clean. The Angels were swept 3-0 by the BoSoxs...Just sickening.

But back to the rest of sports:


You know that Denny Green quote after his melt down when his Arizona Cardinals choke err!!! gave up a big lead to da Bears last year. You remember: "The Bears are, who they thought they were - Now if you wanna crown their asses, then crown them, but the bears are, who we thought they are"

Now that little spewl is not the thing you wanna hear from your boys or in the barber shop. Cause if you do, it means that your team just lost and lost in the fashion that they lost last year. Thus, the saying, The (Fill in the blank of your team) are, who we thought they were...

Well last night, I got that call, in the third quarter of the Cowboys / Bills Monday Night Football Game, by my boy OB. And at that time, the boyz were down 24-16 and it looked like the Cowboys had a little life in them, but a life that can be squeezed out if Romo threw another interception. He already threw 6!, which accounted for two defensive scores. And to make matters worse, the cowboys gave up a touchdown on a kick off return. So the boyz "O" was going away. So we thought....After marching the team down eighty yards, the Cowboys scored to make the game 24-23. They tried for a two point conversion which failed by a terrific defensive play on Terrell Owens. Next came the onside kick, which the Cowboys succeeded in recovering the ball. Next, was the most exciting twenty seconds in football history. The Cowboys managed to get a big reception for 20 yards, two seconds ran off the clock. Then, after a Terrell Owens, drop, the Cowboys managed to get two completions and their kicker on for a fifty something yard field goal for the win...

First kick, straight and long enough..good, but...a timeout was called by the Bills...Next, kick the same kick and no time out and Cowboys win!!! Wow good game and the Boys ain't what we thought they were....yet.

Green Takes a Nap on the 45 yard line:

Miami Dolphin QB Trent Green took a shot to the head from a knee after attempting to block defensive line Trent Jackson below the knees. What would be a good block turned into a black out, for Green who knocked unconcious and suffered his second concussion in back to back years. What made this interesting is the comment by Jackson, who said he had respect for Green, but after pontificating on the event, said "Eff! Green, cause he tried to end his career by cutting him below the knees." Now what did he go and say that for, the majority white sports media and analysts jumped all over that and called Jackson classless. In my opinion the only thing that was classless was the on the field taunt, Jackson did while Green laid motionless on the ground. I imagine Green didn't hear Jackson due to the fact that he was back in the "Land of the Lost, " roaming the pre-historic jungles with his friend Chaka. Look the taunt was classless the hit was unavoidable and incidental for the game....Green should retire, yesterday and Jackson should move on.

San Diego Chargers: got a win, but it's against Denver, so what.

New England Patriots: looking forward to it's biggest test in Dallas on Sunday.

Dallas Cowboys: So are the Cowboys going against the Patriots. Last time these team played, it was pretty close until the third quarter.

Green Bay Packers: Left the group of the unbeatens by getting beat by the Bears...

Kansas City Chiefs: Are, who we thought they were...a bad team!!

Boxing News:

Manny Pacquio proved he's the baddest little man in the ring by placing Marco Antonio Barrera to retirement. Pacquio out pointed and boxed Barrera to win the rematch. Of course Pacquio knocked out Barrera in the first fight...Which brings me to this...

If Pacquio is a bad man, then the heavyweight division is a bad division and I'm not talking about the slang version of the word bad, but atrocious! bad. On the same night, different card of the Pacquio fight heavyweight, Sam Peter who should've fought like a caged tiger because of all the bullbleep he went through to get another title shot, was mugged in the second round and managed to lull the crowd to sleep by eeking out a decision over Jameel McCline. Yawn!!


Jeff Gordon pulled a race out of his backside, this past week, I imagine this places him back on top of the cup race....

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