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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Grambling State University Investigates Picture of Noose Lesson

Grambling State University Investigates Picture of Noose Lesson

GRAMBLING, La. — Officials at Grambling State University were meeting Monday after the school newspaper ran photographs of adults at a campus-run elementary school putting a noose around at least one child's neck.
Kindergarten and first-grade students at Alma J. Brown Elementary School were being taught why nooses are a symbol of racism, an article from the historically black university's student newspaper said.
The article said the children also were being taught about the "Jena Six" — black high-school students who are accused of beating a white schoolmate. Court proceedings brought about 20,000 to 25,000 people to Jena, about 70 miles from Grambling, for a civil rights march in September.
A press release posted on the Gramblinite's Web site said three photographs from the event were removed after a staff conference call. Ten others were re-posted to the site Monday after the university's president ordered the removal of all the photos and the story over the weekend, according to the Gramblinite press release.
"The Gramblinite only did what our motto stands for: 'We don't make the news; we report it,'" said De'Eric M. Henry, the paper's editor in chief. "We do not approve of censorship or prior review, and we stand by our editorial decision to inform the students of Grambling State University of news events that effect them on campus, in the community and everywhere."
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Response: I'll willing to bet the only times these children experience someone placing a noose around their neck is this time. And guess what? it was done by another black person. If they wanted to convey the symbolism of racism, they should have a white person to do the feat, that way the message would be loud and clear. This way and the explanation of why they did it seems like they are teaching victimology 101.

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