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Sunday, October 14, 2007

RF23 Thoughts on Why Did I Get Married

Well I saw the movie on Saturday was good. Perry provided a little eye candy for the fellas and a shirtless eye candy for the ladies. However, fellas if you go see the movie with a date or your spouse, be prepared to cover your ears from all the hollering the movie will cause. There are some "Waiting to Exhale" moments in the movie and it's definitely a ladies movie. The title of the movie does not fit the movie, cause the married couples issues are deeper than a soul searching lovey dovey type of movie. I'll say one thing for Taylor Perry, he knows how to make a "chick flick" and throw a little of religious themes in the show.

Now the funny thing about the movie going experience and folks going to see the movie is that I saw a lot of single women in there without dates or spouses. Oh! they took their kids, but why? I hate to be insensitive, but seeing a show titled Why did I get married wasn't for them, if anything, Saturday was a perfect time for them pop in a DVD of waiting to exhale or watch reruns of girlfriends....And as for the fellas, again the movie speaks out on all the issue we fellas are hit with, infidelity, selfishness and joblessness. Take a pick of the three and you'll definitely get the other two.

Overall, without giving away the plot. The movie was good, and I'll see it again on DVD or Satelite. Going to have too, cause I damn sure won't see it on Lifetime...

and it's one of those movies....

Oh! before I forget. I totally forgot that there were two award winning singers on the movie...That's how well Janet and Angie did on the show. Hell, I would nominate Angie for best supporting actress for her role...She did great for her first movie role...

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