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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Quick! To The Race Hustle-lateer Caddy!

Uh-Oh! someone hurry up and unplug the dynamic duo search light for the "Race Hustle-lateers," and warn KFC that they are about to make a huge donation to the Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, "Race Sensitivity and How to admit that you are a racist seminar (No public appearance necessary, if right amount of funds reached and winks and nods are completed)." If appropiate amount not reached, then KFC will have to make it's workforce 60% black in two weeks and 50% black on the executive levels.

The Race Hustle-lateers will then provide protection and security for KFC for exactly one week, with the option of providing additional security for one more week , if they bring back "barbeque" chicken and mix in pork chops. The third Party of the Race Hustle-lateers, Louis Farrakhan will also request that bean pies become part of the sides order permanently, citing that Muslims don't live by chicken alone...

What's the fuss? Many are complaining about a commercial that shows a single black mother and her children sitting down to have dinner...I'll let that sink in a little bit....


Oh need more time?

No, take your time and re-read it....

Got it?

Okay! that's the issue! KFC decided to show a reality in some homes in black america...Not all! but a good majority and a few insensitive boobs are crying like Ladainian Tomlinson. That's why KFC needs to be warned because this is right up Al and Jesse's alley, along with the ineffective NAACP. And! a good reason to tell Marcus Jones to keep his head up, while his monster of a son remains exactly where he needs to be! While they add funds to their bank account err!!! Race Fighting Fund!! And this is right up Bill Cosby's alley due to the fact that his book just came out and spoke about the high percentage of single mother families in the black community. Now before I get replies saying, well, the race hustle-lateers addressed these issues on the Tom Joyner Show or the Steve Harvey Morning Show, let me say this, if they did it went on deaf ears cause no one paid attention to it cause it's supposed to be an "in house" or "black thang."

And KFC wasn't supposed to understand......

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