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Monday, October 29, 2007

RF23 Sports Commentary: The Skipper's Report

The Skipper's Report.

Well, sports fans, the 2000 and 7 Baseball season is over and while I would like to give props to the Bosoxs for winning it's second WS in three to four years. I would rather go the route of the losing team, the runner-up, the second best team for the 2000 and 7 MLB season, the supposed to be Cinderella team for the season and last but not least the "feel good" story for major league baseball in an era of alleged steroid and known steroid users season.

Last week, I managed to stomach a few minutes of the Jim Rome Show formally known as "The Jungle," right after game 1 of the WS and a caller from Denver called with a plea to the Rockies. He basically said, "look, if you're going to lose that way, like you did last night, then come home! don't waste our time and don't tear our hearts out like that!"

Well it looks like the Rockies obliged his wish and put up a decent effort, after a 13-1 drubbing in game 1 to make their loses, well, more respectable? I guess. Look the Rockies came up against a well oiled and still warm from playing Cleveland, team that never lost a beat. Unfortunately the Rockies got 9 days vacation waiting on the Bosoxs and didn't pay attention to the time. You see, unlike Cinderella, she had to be home by midnight to avoid turning into the mess she was. The Rockies on the other hand, left the dance early and transformed into bums. Second place bums.
Well that's the commentary, lets recap the weekend that was:

MLB: Congratulation to Bosox supporters for calling their shot and watching your team of choice sweep the Rockies.

New England Patriots: I dunno if I want to hate the Patriots, or just respect them..Naw, I hate 'em. What was the point of running up the score on the Redskins? You know I'm not a huge Colts fan, but man I'm hoping they beat the Patriots like the stole something, and they have, they stole the souls of some teams and ripped the courage from others. Then again, they, the Patriots could be the 1998 Viking team that went 15-1 and lose in the playoffs. Wishful thinkin' if the
Colts don't beat them on Sunday, and they themselves get beat like the Redskins did...I don't wanna think about it...let's move on

Indianapolis Colts: The Colts have quietly kept pace with the Patriots and with a big red medic cross on it's back. Marvin Harrison was inactive for yesterday's game against the Carolina Panther's, but you wouldn't know it, cause like the well oiled machine they are. They just plowed through the Panthers and now have sights on slowing the Belinchek express.

The Oh and Ain'ts: There are two teams with a perfect record in reverse, that football fans need to root for and hope they don't do the possible. The Rams and Dolphins are both, so far, perfect defeated teams this season. Let's give them the discouragement to "quit when times get hard." I dunno who I would rather see go the perfect season in reverse, the Rams or the Dolphins. Screw it! let's go Dolphins. Nothing will be more fitting than to see those old guys from the '72 season pop champagne and celebrate that either the Patriots or the Colts lost for the first time and at the same time, end those stupid celebrations when they're own team goes Oh fer! Don't Go Dolphins!! Yeah!

The Best Two and Five Team: Da Ray-Dahs are the best 2 and something team in the league, hands down. The Raiders, did the same thing they did last week. Lost. This time to the Tennessee Titans. I dunno, but maybe somebody ought to go talk to Marcus Allen and see if he has a hex on the team, cause it's bad luck or plays that are killing this team. With less then a minute and a half left and the Titans are up by 2 points, with the Raiders driving the ball on a persistent defensive Titan squad. Raider QB Daunte Culpepper threw a straight as an arrow pass to Mike "yes, the same Mike Williams that went to SC" Williams, it hit Williams right between the numbers, well, almost. You see William's hands got in the way and the ball bounced off his concrete hands and Raiders gave up the ball on downs...bad luck.

Los Angeles Lakers: As I watching the college games on Saturday night and flipping back to ESPN News, a report came across the board that the Kobe Threat Level moved up one spot to make Laker fans nervous like a garden tool in church.

Whoa wait a minute, is that Ed McMahon?

JC: Hey there Ed...
Ed: Sorry kid, no autographs.
JC: Wait a minute, Ed, I was just tellin' my crew about a garden tool being nervous in church...
Ed: What? what are you talking about kid? are you someone of importance that I can sponge off for thirty years.
JC: Well no, Ed, but I get your point, I guess I can move on with my skipper report. Nice seeing you, sir...but before you go, let's do a little bit of the Johnny Carson Show.
Ed: What do you want, the Heres!!!!Johnny!!?
JC: No Ed. I was telling my crew here, about a garden tool in church. never mind, the joke is draggin' on....Hey Ed?!
Ed: Hoo!!
JC: How about the autograph?

Well anyway, back to my report: according to ESPN's Marc Stein, the Lakers and the Bulls are reportedly looking to swap disgruntled and crybaby Kobe Bryant for Ben Gordon. The Lakers are getting a playa in Gordon, and Bulls are getting a spokesman for the Baby Bulls.

UCLA: If Bruin fans haven't overloaded that system, something must be wrong. How can this team, get up and take the heart of CAL and then turn around play down to Washington State. Never mind, I'm not going to waste one more typed word on them until basketball season. But huge props to my former boss, Michael J. Collins, Esq. of Collins & Bellenghi, LLP.

Mike's son, Jed Collins aka Jed-zilla was instrumental in beating that inconsistent team from Westwood.

USC: For us SC fans, it's time to prepare for the Outback Suzy Q GMAC Bowl in Boondocks, Tennessee somewhere. SC lost to a good Oregon team 24-17. QB play and turnovers once again bit the Trojans in the arse!!

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