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Thursday, November 01, 2007

39 and still tickin'

Well today is my birthday and I just turned thirty-nine years old....You know when I think about my life at this point, I have some smiles, some joys, some ups and definitely some downs. It's all in a matter of a season and we all gotta go through it.

I am where I wanna be at thirty-nine, nope, not by my standards.

When I turned thirty, I wanted to be retired by the time I turned forty. I have 52 weeks, starting at exactly 3:03 a.m., I got up at 5:00 a.m., one hour and fifty-seven minutes left.

Of course with all birthdays, you think about all the men my age, who didn't make it to thirty nine...My friend Termel comes to mind, he was killed, well he was murdered four years ago this past May. My friend, Lebernan "Squirt" comes to mind, he is now wheel chaired bound with MS from complications Desert Storm....shit! now I got that over my head, cause where Squirt was, I was and oh, I already had surgery from that damn war....

but boy did we have fun!! Can't take it back and it's part of us...

Greg Pasternak comes to mind, he was killed in auto accident, 15 years ago. He was only 22. Greg is famous for the line that made everyone put out there $6.00 to see Batman...

"Ay I went to see Batman, and he ain't a fag in tights anymore."

I also think about my friends, who are doing extremely well and I'm so proud of them...My boy Oliver and his wife Latrice....We go back over twenty years.

I think about all the loves and hurts and I wonder if I ever apologized enough or ever gotten over enough to move on....

Oh well, I'm thirty nine. Happy Birthday to me.....

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