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Tuesday, November 27, 2007


On New Years Day, Denver Bronco cornerback Darrent Williams was shot down in his humvee limo after leaving a night club with friends and teammates. The person or persons who did

Lets go back a little further, you all remember Merlin Santana? He's the kid that played on the Cosby show as Rudy's boyfriend and most noteably he had a role on the Steve Harvey Show. He was gunned down in his car after leaving a young lady's house. The person or persons who did

Now lets go to the events of what transpired in all but 48 hours. Washington Redskin safety, Sean Taylor and his girlfriend are awakened by sounds of an intruder in his Miami home, this being the second break in a week, is shot in the leg, the bullet hits a major artery and after surgery and reports of being in a coma, Taylor succombs to the injury. The person or persons who most likely did

A few days ago, Mongoslade asked and basically said he was tired of reading and hearing negative news stories about blacks. Hell, I agree, I get tired of firing open a news wrap and reading that blacks are leading in this disease and most likely to have or die from this or that.
It's gotten to a point, where I was trying to separate American Blacks from African Blacks to see if the numbers are different.

But what can you say or do about stories like these and I named three people who left this earth between the age of 17 - 34 due to black on black violence. 17 -34? that's the age of a young person eligible to join the military, get a skill, further their education and yes, if need be, die for their country.

So how senseless is this, and where do we as black people as a whole say enough! I know there are groups of black men in different cities coming together and taking back their streets. Black men are starting to come back to their sons and taking them by the collar and raising their sons and yet all this is commendable, the latter I ask the question...what? do they want a cookie? They're supposed to raise their kids or at least be in their lives physically, emotionally and financially.

So after all this, where does this leave us, because Sean Taylor is not the only young man to have died in that same Miami Dade Hospital. Only difference is Sean Taylor's name is on ESPN. And although I heard white sports media men and their callers make jokes and compare the death to Tupac and Biggie, I don't think and I'm not ready to hear the comparison to hip hop.
I don't think it's the same thing nor the same sport. The man was in his house and had that space invaded. His daughter and girlfriend was in the house. Last checked, Tupac was leaving a Tyson fight and Biggie was leaving the gangsta err!! Soul train awards.....


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