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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

West's Doctor Discusses Her Death....

Donda West's Doctor discusses her death

The plastic surgeon who operated on the mother of rap star Kanye West says she likely died of a heart attack, embolism or accidental overdose.

By Scott Glover, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
November 20, 2007

The mother of rap star Kanye West, who died earlier this month after undergoing routine plastic surgery, likely succumbed to a heart attack, pulmonary embolism or accidental overdose of drugs prescribed to her for pain after the procedure, her surgeon said in an interview Monday.
In his most detailed public comments on the case, Dr. Jan Adams told The Times that nothing went wrong Nov. 9 when he performed a breast reduction, tummy tuck and liposuction on 58-year-old Donda West.

When she left this office, there was no problem whatsoever," Adams said during the interview at his Wilshire Boulevard medical office.

Based on his years of experience as a surgeon -- and after conversations with a West family representative and a coroner's official -- Adams said there was a "small list of possibilities" that could have resulted in West's death.

Adams would not say why he thought West could have suffered a heart attack. Another surgeon said through a spokesperson last week that West had approached him months ago about having cosmetic surgery but that he did not perform the procedure because of an undisclosed preexisting condition that might result in a heart attack.

Adams said he considered a drug overdose a possibility in West's death because he had prescribed Vicodin to combat the considerable pain associated with the procedures she underwent.

Adams said West "probably [had] a rough night," after the operation and had complained of pain the next morning. Asked whether he thought West may have taken too many of the painkillers, Adams replied: "That's one speculation on my part, yes."

To read more:,0,1260100.story?page=1&coll=la-home-local

Response: I wasn't going to comment on this issue, due to the fact that someone's mother died. And regardless of what I think about Kanye West and his babbling idiotic statements. The walk he had or has to take to bury his mother is a walk we all are going to have to do.
Now the article is about a black prominent doctor who performed the surgery on Donda West, either knowingly that she had a pre-existing condition and if that's the case...then he is liable for the allegations outlined in this article and others.

But!! if he was not aware of West's existing condition in regard to her health, then it's on her. She chose to have work done on her despite of her bad health....

Oh well....

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