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Thursday, November 08, 2007

RF23 Interviews dog....(parody)

The following parody was in response to another blog, where the issue of the duane "racist dog" chapman came up and shaun hannity's weak ass interview...

I don't get that either...why the softball questions to an obvious racists and let's not forget that he's a criminal. Hannity should be embarrassed and ashamed of himself. I think "dog" should be a guest on the Fanz Magic's the interview:

Audience Clapping...

Me: awww, you're too much, sit down, sit down, we. we. have a controversial guest on tonight's show and he's made headlines lately for some truly dumbazz rant he went on....Well, let's get this over with....Everyone Duane!!

dog comes out

Me: Now you're tamed aren't you? I won't need mace or anything...

dog: nah, I'm cool..

Me: Well, the jury is still out on that. What you said wasn't cool and either is all that native american feathers on trying to be "*Billy Jack"?

dog: wow, I haven't heard that name in a long sure you're 39?

Me: Let me ask the questions...SIT!

dog sits

Me: good dog...

dog: Is this mine? (pointing to a cup on the desk)

Me: Hell no! your bowl is near the exit and if you gotta go Numbers one and two, we have a dog pads nears the exit...but let's talk about why you're here.. You were taped going on this racial rant about a girl, one of your sons was dating and she happened to be black...

dog: Yeah and I'm not proud of it and I apologized to Al Sharpton for my remarks..

Me: Whoa, the girl your son was dating is named Al Sharpton?

dog: No, obviously not...

Me: You said you apologized to Al Sharpton? Why?

dog: Well isn't he your leader?

Me: excuse me and didn't I say I'll ask the questions..

dog: sorry..

Me: I know...I I I um I'm not going to ask you what you were thinking, cause it's obvious you weren't....Are you racists?

dog: No, I'm not, I made a mistake and I regret what I said...

Me: How come you're not racists?

dog: huh?

Me: How come you're not racists?

dog: well, for all the work I've done in my community?

Me: as a bounty hunter?

dog: well yeah, who else is gonna get all those black guys...

Me: Excuse me, did you say all those black guys?

dog: huh, what? no!!

Me: You did, let's review the tape...

replays dog's all those black guys statement...

Me: What do you mean, are you saying all black guys are criminals..

dog: Well no, it's just that, it's just that..

Me: It's just what! bark it out! and why do you call yourself, dog..

dog: why do you black people, most noteably thugs call themselves dogs..and by the way, you people use the n-word more than I did on that tape...

Me: Mutha(bleep!) what?! what?! mutha(bleep!) you got caught saying it and you're true pinkish skin tone got caught! and another thing, you're an ex con aren't you?

dog: Yeah, so what, man!! what does that have to do with anything?

Me: You were in prison, right?

dog: Yeah, like you?

Me: excuse me! I've never been convicted of anything, what about you!? man you lucky we on television, you'ze about to get busted on...

dog: Ay! see (gestering to audience) look at that, he stopped talking proper english, he's mad...look!

Me: Man get your azz off my stage....before I do what the pound does to all mad dogs...

dog: Is that a threat?

Me: Nah, it's a promise! get you and that big thing you brought in here, you call a wife and bounce...see you on television...Oh! You ain't go no show!!! We'll be right back after this Uncle Ben's commercial and guess what Jesse's saying....we'd bee righhh bax....

*Billy Jack -
A 1971 movie...

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