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Friday, November 16, 2007

Sometimes I Just Don't Know.....

First before I go on some tirade or profanity laced rant, let me say this. I don't know if Barry Bonds used HGH or steroids. I can entertain to a point that he possibly did, but I can't concede and I won't concede that he's a cheater. I just won't. You see to me it's a helluva lot more than if he perjured himself to the grand jury or if he used steroids or performance enhancing drugs. Quite frankly I don't care! I really don't and I'm on record as saying that I don't care what a player chooses to do to their body. It's theirs! I've gained weight and whose fault is that if I just dropped dead...Mine or if I get so big my deeck shrinks and I can't have sex, cause I don't have the one essential tool that's needed to do the do! So why is it so important that the media and baseball statistics geeks need to know, that what they're seeing is real. I guess these people haven't seen a magic show. But this is not my rant I wanna talk about. I wanna talk about the continued hatred and indignation of the sports media. Why most of the sportstalk host and writers who don't share the same skin complexion as Bonds are giving each other missed high fives and bruising their knees from missed low fives. They're happy and they sense blood that they are gonna get that nigger! He's been on his high horse for years and their tired of seeing this uppity nigger! looking down on them. He won't yassir or yassa ma'am them...He won't smile and bojangle to them because he's too proud of what he knows what he can do on the field of play....He's no damn politician so he ain't kissing white journalistic ass!! so therefore bullshit questions won't get answered with a bojangle smile and dancing...Hell no!! and who in the hell said he should.

He witnessed the indignation his god-father had to go through, being the best black ball player, having to smile and kiss media ass, cause the weight of a whole race is on his and other black athletes shoulders. They had to bite their tongue and bottom lip cause if they told a white media member what they really thought...never mind....

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