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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

RF23 - Black Laws?

Can someone please nominate a black "Moses" II or III (if you wanna go with the notion, that the biblical Moses was black) to go to the highest mountain top in our country, see a burning a bush and get the commandments for black folk. Because dammit we need it! and I wanna get on the same page...End the confusion in regard to what I need to be pissed off or offended about. I agree with Jason Whitlock when he asked, can he get a little help or some type of book.

A few weeks back, a golf host said that golfer Tiger Woods, and he's a bad azz mofo on the course, needed to be lynched by his so called competitors in order for them to win...Tiger said it was non issue, the hostess issues an on air apology following a individual phone call to Woods. Al "I want those Florida boys loose" Sharpton bitches and the hostess is suspended. ESPN's Al Saunders is offended of the remarks and upset that Tiger ain't. All on sports radio, black commentators and white ones are up in arms over a remark that the person the remark was about is not. Jim Brown says Tiger is out of touch and so on.

Meanwhile, Bill Clinton basically insults black voters in South Carolina and not one blabber mouth so called civil rights leader says jackshizznit. But Pat Buchanan writes a piece about Jeremiah Wright and mentioned social welfare and black crime, and people like Deborah Mathis (Amer. Black Forum, columnist on Blackamericaweb and the Arkansas Democrat) breaks out the race card, like she's playing on TV1's All Star Bid Whist Contest.

But before I go on any further, let me clarify one statement, there was some condemnation of Clinton's statement about black voters in So. Carolina, there was none, when Hillary talks like Uncle Remus to black audiences...Okay this should buy me exactly one second of Darkstar not getting on my case....

Back to my rant, but that's not enough! ESPN's Jemele Hill wrote an article about Lebron James and his photo shoot on Vogue magazine, dribbling a basketball and a Tom Brady's baby momma in the other hand. Hill fed us image comparison between King Kong and Lebron James, both of them clutching on to a white woman.

To steal a quote from Barack Obama, "Oh, I had have enough!"

Look Jemele Hill needs to tell us whats really going on, is it jealousy or is she looking to put Lebron James on the same female black list Taye Diggs is on.

We need rules, we need black rules, just like there are man laws , we need black laws that govern the black community. I once wrote a parody, giving the State of the [Black Peoples] Union...I was just joking, but maybe, just maybe we might need that. I suggest we do what the white framers of our country did when they rebelled against King George III to start our path to whats called the United States of America...but instead of meeting in Philedelphia, we should send delegates of each urban big city to Atlanta, Ga and nail out our black constitution.

A constitution that says what we can say, what we are supposed to be angry at or offended about. Layout personal financial caps, and exactly how much gov't assistance each person could have. Do we make high school graduation optional? Do we make it a law that any black man who inpregnates a black woman, should have to stay at least 16 years of that childs life or face time in Jamaica in Club med...What?! and is there a cap on inter-racial relationships, I guess we can call it the "Tom and Helen Willis Act," that says a certain percentage of the black population can marry, ahem!! I read this on some other post, ahem! whitey!

I mean damn, it's life folks, it's our life and all we're trying to do is live it. And this life is too short to be worrying about who's on a got darned magazine cover....

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