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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

RF23 - Well What Had Happened...Wuz..

A friend of mine, told me I needed to be fair and quit bashing on the brotha, or as my brother in law glosses him, 1/2 brotha running for president. Well like Pac-Man Jones, I can't promise, I'll quit bashing Obama, but for this post, I'll try to be fair and balanced on DNC bashing...

Quick question for Hillary supporters, Was it a vast right wing conspiracy that made her remind everyone else that she 's married to a certified on the record liar, by doing what her better half is...a liar. Did you all catch that lie she told about being under sniper fire when she was in the country of another big lie, Kosovo. Not only did she say it once, but she felt it necessary to repeat the lie. To bad it wasn't under oath, then she and Bill could lay in their separate bunk bed and compare perjury charges, with Bill one upping Hillary with his impeachment. I mean did you all, besides yeager catch it...she was doing more spinning than any figure skater I've ever seen and you all know that RF23 considers "women's figure skating a sport and has no knowledge of any other event.

But since I'm talking about democrats, John McCain is here in Los Angeles. I hope this guy picks a young vibrate candidate as VP and if he picks up a Dan Quayle like Veep, I will be voting for Less Filling over Taste Great....

This is another reason for black folk to hate republicans, I mean besides being the party of emancipation and civil rights [those bastards] but amending the constitution of Presidential term limits is another big mistake.

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