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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

What Were Those Nine Percenters Thinking?

What Were those Nine Percenters Thinking?

In yesterday's North Carolina primary, 91% of the black vote went to Barack Obama...Wow! 91 huh? I guess I have one question, what were the other 9% thinking?

Look, if Obama wins the nomination of his party, he won't win! not because of his race, well that may play a role for hispanic voters, because Obama received no! viable hispanic support to get him over. Next, if Hillary's a liar, well guess what, so is he. By now, you all should have heard the taped reading of his book, "Dreams of my father," where Obama said that while he was looking for a church and been told that Rev. Wright's church was the place to be at on Sunday mornings. Obama said he went to meet with Wright and while waiting for de fuerher err!! pastor, he talked to one of the members, who said that her husband passed and that she was thinking about moving to the suburbs, because one, the schools were better, two, the streets were safer for her sons, three, her son played in the band and the city school, he attended, didn't have a band program so going to a better school with a band program seemed right...Then Obama says, Wright comes in and he discusses his conversation and Wright slams her by saying and I'm paraphrasing, "I told her that if she moves to the burbs, her boy ain't gonna know who he is, and as a black man it's already know that Obama!"

Folks, even before he walked that aisle, when the pastor said, "Perhaps you're saved and you're looking for a church home, I would like to be your preacher, is there anyone?"

He knew...But all that doesn't matter? Because Wright isn't alone in the spreading of government trying to kill us black folk theory. And apparently a good portion of blacks believe til' this day! Check out this phone call to the Larry Elder show last night:

Larry: Darryl from Inglewood, how you doing Darryl?

Darryl: I'm good, how are you?

Larry: Fabulous..

Darryl: Well, I wanna talk about the "aids in the black community" thing...I I think it's true, because we got the aids problem and how come it can't be true?

Larry: Well, Darryl you tell me, you believe that the gov't would do this and no one not tell?

Darryl: It could happen...I mean, I heard aids started in Africa and something about the people having sex with the animals...

Larry: I heard that also, but Darryl, if the virus was meant to kill black people how do you account for so many whites who have died from it, were they collateral damage?

Darryl: Yeah, that's cover-up...

Larry: Oh, well thanks Darryl...

Now Darryl is a regular Joe, who works for a living, I guess and we wouldn't know Darryl from Earl...but we know this person:

Will Smith: I don't want to sound like this big conspiracy guy, but I do believe that the Gov't put aids in the black community...

Barbara Walters: oh! Will, you don't believe that do you?

Will Smith: Yeah...

So despite all the above compounded by what Wright said, it didn't matter to whatever percentage of black voters that voted for Obama, because he's black.. or as Tom Joyner put it, "proud" and black folks should do the right thing and vote for Obama..Never mind the issues, Never mind the inconsistency of what he heard and what agrees with Wright on...

He's black! He's blacker now, than he was about this time last year! When he wasn't black enough...Had no connection with the so called black plight..Had no connection with Black American life...

So what were those 9%, who didn't vote for Obama thinking?

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