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Thursday, April 24, 2008

RF23 - Laker Pass Card Violation...Grounds for Revocation

Magic, Kareem, Worthy, Scott, AC Green, Norm Nixon, Jamaal Wilkes, Jim Chones, Mark Lansberger, Kurt Rambis, Mychal Thompson, Bob McCadoo, Sam Perkins, Vlade Divac, Nick Van Exel, Cedric Ceballos, Eddie Jones and who can forget Shaquille O'Neal...

In the 80's, I loved the lakers, Kareem and Magic Show. Slick back and trendy 80's suit wearing Pat Riley, oh it was a good time to be a laker fan and although they were a perennial power house, it didn't happen for me until 1979 - 80 season, when the captain, Jabbar, went down with a bad ankle during the NBA finals against Dr. J and the 76ers. And this is when Magic served notice that he was a superstar and was going to be here a long time..He played point guard, forward and center and dropped a plus 40 spot on the talent heavy sixers that consisted of Doc, Bibby, Cheeks, Doug Collins and Caldwell Jones. Oh and Jamaal "Silk Wilkes dropped 3 dimes and seven cent on 'em too...Wilkes was my boy!! Cornbread!!

Anyway the NBA in the 80's forced itself from being on taped delay to being primetime with likes of Magic and the hick from french lick, Larry Bird. And this is where I might lose my laker card...It's in danger of being pulled faster than any ghetto card I have for Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta and Los Angeles. You see in the 80's, I hated the Boston Celtics, hated!! and although I respected Larry Bird, Dennis Johnson, Kevin McCale, Robert Parrish and Danny Ainge, I hated the Boston Celtics, I hated that ugly parkay basketball court floor, I hated seeing Red Auerbach fire up his cigars after a victory and don't even get me talking about Tommy Heinson when he was CBS calling the games.. I hated them!! couldn't stand their colors and they're stank ass fans chanting Beat L.A., when they were getting punked by Philly. But now after years of bad years, below mediocrity and Red Auerbach no longer in the stadium but in a special section of Heaven, called Boston Celt -ven, he's waiting along with Dennis Johnson for the rest of boys to get there so they run in Heaven's gym for eternity. The Celtics are back and after one of the greatest season turnarounds in NBA history..It's possible this team might bring back the O'Brien Trophey, to familiar grounds.

VIOLATION: I'm pulling for them.

I'm pulling for Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce. Those three have given Minnesota, Seattle and Boston fans their all and I would like to see them get the fruits of their labor. So, whether they face the Lakers or the Spurs...

VIOLATION: I'm pulling for them..

Well there you have it...It's in print and I'm guilty...

Laker card is in trouble of being revoked...But in my defense!

The Lakers left me before I left them, picking Shaq over Kobe! trading Norm Nixon for unknown Byron Scott and still disrespecting Jamaal Wilkes! So there's some wrong doing there! I know it's weak but damn...

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