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Monday, April 21, 2008

HBO's John Adams

Well the last installment of the HBO mini series ended with a bang and like other past HBO shows, I am saddened. I'm saddened because one, John Adams will probably be the last good show on that network. With FX's Nip Tuck, The Shield and Rescue Me and Showtime's Brotherhood and The Tudurs. HBO will lag behind these well written shows after giving us, The Sopranos and The Wire.

Anyway, John Adams ended obviously with the former president living in retirement, dealing with the deaths of his daughter and his beloved wife. I thought the last installment of this mini-series really showcased the bitterness Adams had after leaving the presidency and in his retirement years. If you missed the program, I'm sure HBO will show it again..The DVD's when they come out are worth it. Also, Paul Giammati played his ass!! off portraying President John Adams. Overall the cast was solid and the story was historically accurate...Even the President's reaction to the first congress painting that hangs in the rotunda of the House of Representatives...

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