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Monday, April 14, 2008

Favorite Movie Quote - Pulp Fiction

The following movie quote is from what I think is one of the best Quentin Taratino movies of all time, Pulp Fiction. And although the movie is filled with a bunch of quotables, I think this one really stands out...

The scene is Bruce Willis and Ving Rhames:

MARSELLUS (Ving Rhames)

I think you're gonna find -- when
all this shit is over and done -- I
think you're gonna find yourself
one smilin' motherfucker. Thing is
Butch, right now you got ability.
But painful as it may be, ability
don't last. Now that's a hard
motherfuckin' fact of life, but
it's a fact of life your ass is
gonna hafta git realistic about.
This business is filled to the brim
with unrealistic motherfuckers who
thought their ass aged like wine.
Besides, even if you went all the
way, what would you be? Feather-
weight champion of the world. Who
gives a shit? I doubt you can even
get a credit card based on that.

A hand lays an envelope full of money on the table in front of
Butch. Butch picks it up.

Now the night of the fight, you may
fell a slight sting, that's pride
fuckin' wit ya. Fuck pride! Pride
only hurts, it never helps. Fight
through that shit. 'Cause a year
from now, when you're kickin' it in
the Caribbean you're gonna say,
"Marsellus Wallace was right."

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