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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

RF23 - Jamiel Shaw...Is Going To Make A Difference...

RF23 - Jamiel Shaw..Is Going to make a difference

This is going to be an emotional post, so I don't want any comments that don't apply to this. As a matter of fact, I want answers and solutions and this is hard coming from me, due to the fact that I stay party lines, stick to my guns on social issues and all the other bullshit we deal with in politics or in our case talking politics.

The title of my blog entry is Jamiel Shaw, the young man shot on his way home by an illegal immigrant, is going to make a difference. In life, this young man wanted to make a difference for himself, educationally and athletically. A young man who lived in the same household of duty, honor and country. His mom at the time of his death was serving her country in Iraq, putting her life on the line for her country to avoid another 9/11 and what did she get? while other families were burying their sons or daughters coming from Iraq, she's burying her son from the streets of Los Angeles. Again, I'm going to be emotional here and I'll keep the expletives down but damn it! Every red blooded American should be pissed! Let me once again summarize the tragedy:

17 year old Shaw was on his way home, he was stopped by some latino gangmembers, asked what set he was from, Shaw either didn't respond or said he didn't bang, he was then shot, a few steps from his house. But theres more to this story, and don't get me wrong, Shaw is not the first black or latino innocent shot and killed from gangs. This has been going on for years and all the politicians, especially the sorry sons of bitches sitting on the Los Angeles City Council, could do is try to pass laws that prevent law abiding citizens from getting weapons by making them go through hoops of fire, walk a few feet on nails or hot coals! meanwhile the criminal is fully armed and ready to continue their reign of terror. Shaw's mother was right, they are terrorist! and they have had a jihad against the law abiding for the longest.

And when these cowards are jailed and probably given the death penalty, they are martyred like Tookie Williams was! What is going on in our world, in our country! that thug life is glorified and justified and the kid who is doing right, acting right and taking care of business is just another statistic and heaped on the "oh well" just another dead black boy pile!

Jamiel Shaw is going to make a difference.....

It's time we make a new pile of "oh well" it's just another illegal immigrant deported. Because the sorry son of bitch, that shot Shaw, is an illegal immigrant.

Jamiel Shaw is going to make a difference..because he was being raised to make a difference. A difference that politicians refused to make, unless polls say they should. In L.A., they have special order 40, that prohibits the police from inquiring about the legal status of immigrants. The reasoning was because, some of these people witness crimes and won't come forward in fear that they'll be deported. Special order 40 was not to protect the illegal alien criminal and the fact that the illegal was in jail a mere 24 hours before he killed Shaw, makes the City, the County and probably the federal gov't liable for wrongful death...And maybe! that will get these so called politicians to wake up! Sue the hell out of them for wrongful death and Shaw's case to me seems rock solid.

A: you have a municipality, with a order that is essentially protecting criminals, let's face it, the reason why these people won't come forward is because they know they're criminals themselves. Having a law to protect criminals should not be...

B: Said city or county had an illegal alien in their custody, failed to contact the federal agency to process him for immediate deportation for his first charge of weapons possession charge...

C: said illegal then commits murder on an American citizen.

Sounds like wrongful death to me. If the city could with a good conscious give a fireman, $1.5 million for eating cooked dogfood and then turnaround and pay his supervisors, the same amount for letting him eat cooked dogfood...

Then why in the hell couldn't innocent victims killed by illegals within the borders of cities and counties that harbor illegal aliens with laws like special order 40 receive compensation for a loss that will never come back?

I told you Jamiel Shaw is going to make a difference...

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