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Thursday, April 03, 2008

RF23 - How Stupid Can You Be? Chris Henry

RF23 - How Stupid Can You Be? Chris Henry

when I look at programs such as HBO's Hard Knocks, about the goings on in a NFL training camp and management. The show looks through the eyes of the veterans and the new rookies looking to either earn a starting position or make the team if they're drafted in later rounds. Some of them make it and like one season looking at the Baltimore Ravens, get cut like former Oregon Duck and Long Beach Jordan alum quarterback, Ortege Jenkins. Jenkins was a highlight reel in Oregon and won a few games. Not drafted, but a undrafted free agent, is a good kid, great upside but like my boy Duane Cooper could not perform at a high level.

Both great athletes and actually Duane, a childhood friend, made it to his dream and donned a Laker uniform for at least a season. But back to my point of what I'm trying to convey. Both athletes, especially Jenkins had a dream of playing in the NFL, that's what he imagined when he played touch football in streets, that's what he imagined when he saw pro scouts looking at him and analyzing his skills and that's what he dreamed every night after his favorite team either lost and he imagined that the game would be different if he were playing. Unfortunately, former coach Brian Billick called Jenkins in and told him, sorry, you have talent, but you haven't brought it out yet. Cut.

Which brings me to this, Cinncinati had a kid on it's team that has his values and common sense off kilter. Chris Henry, a talented, talented!! wide receiver, with great upside as a receiver, but the common sense of a doggon' two year old and I think a two year old might have him beat, seems to have his priorities all messed up.

In case you all are in the dark, about Henry, he's the guy that gives athletes a wrong name, he's the guy that gives the black community a bad image, he's the guy that embarrasses his family with no remorse, if they even give a damn about the image he's portraying. He's the one that been arrested not once, but what 5 times and each time given chance after chance to rehabilitate his image and behavior.

Do you think he even considered his actions were hurting him, his community, his family and his team?! Hell no!! According to reports, this numbskull assaulted an 18 year old kid and damaged dude's car! Today he turned himself in to account for the incident. This is the kid that is linked to Adam Jones, hell all Adam is guilty of is poor judgment and wrong damn friends. What's Henry's excuse, he's alone when he breaks the law! time and time again.

And each time he's given a bullbleep suspension for two, four or like last year eight games. You would think that common sense would show up and realize that one, it's not a right to play professional football, if so, Maurice Clarett would probably not be in prison, hell all he wanted to do was get paid and play a game a little earlier than the rules allowed. The Supreme Ct. agreed with the league and denied Clarett's petition to enter the draft after his sophmore year in Ohio State. Two, other players that played your position was cut because you were head and shoulders better.

Maybe the Bengals are culprits in signing you despite your past. But that's on them, what you did with your second, third and fourth chance is on you and now since you've been cut...

You'll have more time to think about...How stupid you really were. And if that doesn't sink in...

How stupid you are.

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