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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

When Illegal Aliens Die in the U.S., So!

RF23 - When Illegals Aliens Die in the U.S., So!

This morning while I sat on delayed train trying to get to work. I noticed a man reading todays L(ying) A(ss) Times and saw a photo of a man standing over a coffin, which appeared to have a woman and a newborn child in it. I tried to get to a look at the caption but I could only get a partial, but I knew it had something to do with mexicans and probably illegal aliens and I was right. When I finally got to work, I went to the Lying Ass Times and saw the story. Well actually I went to one blog and saw a story that made it fully comprehensible of why newspapers and now news rooms are laying off people. Somebody in Cleveland did a story on funeral violence...No, not the battle of the baby mommas, but the one, when gang members go to a funeral and attempt to send the departed more company with his homies, who were just about to tip a forty and drop their saggin' pants one inch lower as if they were performing "half mast." The local funeral directors couldn't come up with anything that supported the writers assertion that funeral violence is on the rise, so it made the story a waste of a tree and most definitely 2 to 3 minutes of my life I won't get back.

But back to my other non-story, or as I delicately put it, the "So!" story in the lying ass times. This was obviously an attempt to get the reader, to feel sorry for said illegal alien who dies in our country. Apparently, the illegal alien deceased, died from having a potential $120,000 anchor baby (@$10,000 a year in LAUSD) and whatever aid, this child would have gotten such as WIC and food stamps, oh the baby died too...Anyway illegal alien deceased and anchor baby dies and the illegal alien boyfriend is faced with a catch 22, either go back to mexico and bury his girlfriend and child and risk never coming back or stay in America and continue being a criminal. He chose option B. Now the paper wants us to feel sorry for him, the illegal alien deceased and the huge tax liability they had. I'm sorry, but I don't, and quite frankly, it's the price you pay when you break U.S. laws willingly.

Hell the times did a better story, err! fabrication on the Tupac-Combs deal then what's on todays fishwrap.

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Cleveland Plain Dealer, "Black Funeral Homes in Cleveland take up security measures,"

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